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Baseball Bat Resource Page



Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. Click here to find the latest bat information, including the latest Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats.

Two Guys Sports Solutions Partners with VRLL

Please look closely at the order form. Bats of all sizes are included in case you wish to take advantage of this offer for an older player, softball player and for your little league player. Little league players should look in the USA or Wood categories. Mark the order form clearly and fill out the information at the bottom. Orders will be taken on the day of evaluations and will be accepted online as well. Additional communication regarding online orders will be emailed. Orders will be taken until March 15th and bats will be delivered for pick up prior to the start of the season. Contact Don Cowell at with any questions.

Who: Recommended for Minors players level and above, Baseball OR Softball.

What:  25% off retail price on select Easton bats.

Where: Rockville High School, 70 Loveland Hill Road, Vernon, CT
When: Sundays, March 4th and March 11th  12:00-4:30 pm

Why: Bats have changed for baseball, so come try out a new bat at evaluations

More Info: rockvillelittleleague.com 

To see the bats and read a full description, go to: www.easton.com 


VRLL Order Form


Name: ________________________________________     Phone/Contact #: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

# of bats ordered: _______ Amount of money included in the check: ________ Check #: _______

Bat Description(s) (as a safety measure, be detailed) Size(s):


Bat # and Name: __________________________________________________________________

Make checks payable to Vernon Rockville Little League (VRLL). We are operating under the impression that we will get enough orders to receive the TEAM price instead of retail. If that is not the case, we will communicate directly with you and either refund your money or ask for additional check to cover the difference.  You will be contacted when the bats arrive for pick up.


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