So you have made a personal decision that you want to play lacrosse in college now you have to mentally and physically prepare for the work neccessary to achieve that goal. Below is a road map to assist you with acheiving this goal and do not concern yourself with where you start as long as you are committed and understand it takes some work by your parents and yourself and never hesitate to ask us for assistance!

Freshman: Academics and Athletics find the balance, dedicate yourself to both and begin you quest!

Spring: challenge yourself at practice every day. Don’t worry about the team you are on, be the best on that team.

Summer: 2-3 lacrosse tournaments. 1 camp at a school that might be an academic fit.

Sophomores: Research and identify colleges that you might be interested in. prepare an academic/athletic profile. START communication.

Fall: academics! Fall sport or play in a recruiting tournament, attend as many practices and tournaments that you can. meet with school guidance counselor to identify schools that are an academic fit.

Winter: academics! Winter Sport or play in an indoor league! Consider a winter camp at a college that might interest you. Write an introductory e-mail to several college coaches; include academic standing, include summer tournament and camp schedule, complete any on-line recruiting questionnaires. Research what camps the coaches that you want to get in front of are working.

Spring: academics and LAX! Get competitive! Practice game like every day! Go to some college games, introduce yourself to the coaching staff. Talk to your HS coach about wanting to try out for National team. Finalize summer schedule and make sure college coaches know what tournaments you will be attending.

Summer: 2-3 tournaments, 1-2 camps. Continue researching and visiting schools. Continue communication with schools of interest. Always write a personal thank you for all visits at colleges. August should be lax light, go to the beach, have fun but stay in shape and conditioned!

Juinors: Attack. Be PROACTIVE. Never say never; look at a few reaches, a few perfect fits and a few fall back schools

Fall: academics! Fall sport or play in a recruiting tournament and attend as many practices and tournaments as you can. September 1st coaches can contact you by mail. Schedule unofficial college visits to the schools you are interested in. COMMUNICATE with coaches that have reached out to you, failure to respond may be misconstrued as lack of interest. If you are not interested, respectfully suggest that you are looking at other schools. Write thank you e-mails for all visits to coaches, assistants, players; anyone that has shared their time with you. Attend as many junior days as possible. Attend tournaments at colleges that you are interested in, communicate with the staff that you will be there and communicate if for some reason you will not be there. Consider putting together a game or highlight DVD. Students should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of their junior year. NCAA.org

Winter: academics! Winter sport or play in an indoor league! Consider a winter camp at a college that might interest you. Continue college visits. COMMUNICATE. Scan transcripts and SAT, ACT scores and attach to your emails. Always bring copies of your profile and transcripts to college visits. Take the admissions tour and learn as much about the school as possible. Ask the college coaching staff to arrange a personal tour with a lacrosse player.

Spring: academics and lax, your year to be the best; demonstrate your leadership abilities, stay focused. Try-out for the National team. Speak with your guidance counselor about NCAA eligibility: a transcript, which includes six semesters of grades, should be sent to the Eligibility Center from the high school. students should have their SAT, ACT scores forwarded directly to the Eligibility Center.

Summer: 2-3 recruiting tournaments, 1-2 camps at the schools that you have been working with. July 1st coaches can contact you; even if you are not interested, always answer respectfully. Start to narrow your list, communicate with coaches where you stand on their lists.

Seniors: Do not stress, allow the process to happen. The more stressed you are the more balls drop and caused turnovers increase….STAY FOCUSED with your eye on the PRIZE!!!!!!

Fall: academics and fall sports…you are not admitted yet. Keep working. Don’t get discouraged if you have not finalized your decision, or

your dream school just fell through. RE-ATTACK! Play in as may fall tournaments as you can. Attend practice…especially if you have hopes

of actually playing in college! Schedule official visits. If all fails, apply to several schools of interest and approach the coaching staff about the

possibility of ‘walking’ on.

Winter: academics and winter sports…complete applications. Contact admissions and make sure everything is in.

Spring: take your team to states! Celebrate your college acceptance! Thank your coaches!! They believe in you!!

Summer: get a job and pay your parents back some of their lacrosse investment! Play in a summer league and attend the camp of the school

you plan on attending. Attack your college summer fitness plan with confidence and determination, you can still be cut for a team that has

recruited you. Getting in great shape and practicing your stick work will help you with fall ball, team try-outs and playing time!

College Process Checklist:

___ compose introductory e-mail. Profile or lax resume.

___create a list of colleges that you are interested in.

a. Research

b. Academic fit

c. Programs of interest

d. Size, location, how competitive.

____ complete on-line or mailed questionnaires

____high school coach and club coach questionnaires

____respond to ALL correspondence from colleges

____ NCAA website.  www.ncaa.org

____ IWLCA website recruiting page  www.iwlca.org/information/Recruit_Info

____complete player profile

____meet with high school guidance counselor

____ follow up e-mails with transcripts attached.

____plan summer schedule; tournaments and camps

____plan college visits; tour school, interview with coaching staff, meet players

Create a Folder for every college you are interested in. Put the following check list on each folder:

____ Introductory e-mail sent.

____profile or resume sent.

____ lacrosse questionaire complete

____ copy all e-mails sent and received.

____college campus visit and junior days

____thank you e-mail sent after visit.

____transcripts and scores sent.

____follow up e-mail, what camps and tournaments you will be at.

____follow up e-mail, additional academic information, scores, spring season highlights.

____game tape sent if requested

____ attend a game, meet with coaching staff.