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About Ken-Caryl Little League All-Stars

Each year, Ken-Caryl Little League (hereafter KCLL) will attempt to field competitive teams to participate in post-season Little League tournament play. The teams are composed of players from various teams that participated in the regular KCLL Spring Baseball Season, these are our All-Star players. This document describes the process that KCLL will follow when selecting the managers, coaches and players to represent KCLL in the Little League post-season tournaments.

In summary, the Managers will be voted on by their respective league coaches as well as the Board of Directors and will be offered the All-Star Manager position. Players are nominated by regular season Coaches and attend a tryout. A nomination does not mean a selection. The All-Star Manager will have broad discretion to select players he/she feels will best contribute and create a competitive team that represents KCLL in post-season tournament play.


The objective of the All-Star selection process is as follows:

  • Comply with Little League International rules
  • Create the most competitive team(s) possible
  • Create teams that will represent the league and community’s values
  • Provide transparency of the process
  • Be sustainable through ease of execution
  • Create self-governance among coaches
  • Be fair to players, parents and coaches
  • Be consistent in its application across leagues

All-Star Manager Selection

Manager and Assistant Coach Eligibility

  1. All-Star Managers and Assistant Coaches are considered ambassadors of KCLL. They must have conducted themselves in exemplary fashion, upholding the values of KCLL both on and off the field during the regular season.  The President and/or League Commissioners may disqualify a candidate from consideration for conduct deemed unbecoming a representative of KCLL.
  1. “Conduct unbecoming a representative” is defined as repeated, observed and documented actions or behaviors which are wholly inconsistent with or violate the values or rules of KCLL; behaviors which put KCLL, players or coaches at substantial risk; or arrest or conviction of a crime.
  2. KCLL President shall have final authority to declare a candidate ineligible.
  3. In the event that the KCLL President determines a candidate ineligible, he/she shall convene a special session of the Board prior to taking action to remove and or disqualify a candidate from service.  This meeting is advisory only.


  1. A candidate must have completed the online workshop Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons by the Positive Coaching Alliance.
  2. Candidate must have been a Manager of a team in the KCLL regular spring season as follows:
Ken-Caryl Little League Regular Season Division Little League Post-Season Tournament Division
Majors 11/12 Year Old All-Stars
Majors 11/10 Year Old All-Stars
AAA Minors 10/9 Year Old All-Stars


  1. All candidate Coaches and Managers interested in coaching All-Stars must complete an online form indicating their availability and commitment to coach the All-Star teams before May 31st of a tournament year.

Manager Selection Committee

The Manager Selection Committee will include the all respective regular season League Managers, KCLL President, KCLL BOD and respective League Commissioner.

Manager Selection Process

  1. At the end of each spring season the following process will occur to determine the respective age group all star coaches:

a.  The respective League Commissioner will facilitate a meeting to be attended by a quorum of Majors and AAA Minor leagues coaches and the voting members of Board of Directors (BOD).

b.  BOD and Majors coaches will vote on the 12 All Star Coach; the BOD and Majors coaches will vote on the 11 All Star Coach; the BOD and AAA minors coaches will vote on the 10 All Star Coach  Managers who indicated interest prior to May 31 and are willing to manage the All-Stars will self-nominate at this meeting.

c.  The Selection Committee (coaches and BOD) will have an open discussion regarding the strengths of each candidate.

d.  The League Commissioner will conduct a vote of the Committee to nominate the All-Star Manager; the KCLL President will abstain from the vote.   There will be a series of run offs until a majority of those voting vote for a specific coach.

e.  The candidate with a simple majority of affirmative votes will be invited to become the All-Star Manager.

f.   In the event of a tie vote, the KCLL President will have one vote to cast and break the tie.

Assistant Coach Selection Process

Once confirmed, an All-Star Manager will have discretion to designate two assistant coaches provided the Coaches meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

All-Star Player Selection Process

Before a player will be considered and nominated for an All-Star team, the player must satisfy three general requirements: 1) Eligibility, 2) Availability and 3) Ability.


  1. Players are eligible to be nominated to All-Star team if they meet the following age requirements:


Post Season Tournament Division Age on or before April 30 of the Spring Season
11/12  All-Stars 12 or 11 years old
11/10  All-Stars 11 or 10 years old
10/9 All-Stars 10 or 9 years old


  1. Players younger than the age for the respective division may be nominated if they are deemed by the Selection Committee as qualified for the team.
  2. Players must have participated in at least 60 percent of the cumulative number of games for KCLL regular season and championship tournament games.


  1. All-Star practices begin shortly after regular season play. Tournament play for the 11/12 All-Stars could extend through August culminating in play at the International Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.
  2.  11/10 All-Stars and 10/9 All-Stars play will complete through the end of July in the Colorado State Championship tournament.
  3. Players and parents must be committed to and available for All-Star play for as long as the KCLL All-Star teams are competing.
  4. A player may who cannot commit to participate in all tournament games will not be considered for an All-Star team.
  5. If a player is absent from a material number of practices or games, but remains on the team, their playing time will be reduced in proportion to the missed practices and games.


All-Star team members must be able to contribute at the highest level of athleticism and baseball skill. To be considered for All-Star nomination, players will be assessed on the following dimensions:

  1. Performance of play in regular season games
  2. Player performance during an assessment camp held prior to selection process
  3. Players demonstrated baseball skills and acumen.
  4. Player’s attitude, competitive spirit, and fulfillment of the ethics promoted by KCLL
  5. While statistical information may form the basis for a nomination, the fidelity and completeness of performance data in Little League is highly varied and cannot be the sole determining factor

Player Selection Committee

  1. The Player Selection Committee will include the two championship finalist division managers, President, League Commissioner, and Player Agent.
  2. The Selection Committee is an advisory and arbitration role only. The final roster of each team will be at the discretion of the All-Star Manager.

Player Nomination

  1. KCLL will prepare a web based form title “KCLL All-Star Commitment and Declaration”. A link to the form will be sent via email by the KCLL President to the PARENTS of all eligible players at least three weeks prior to the end of regular season championship games.
  2. Parents will be advised this form is only to confirm availability of their child to participate in post season tournament play.  The form is not a nomination to an All-Star team and parents should use discretion if/when they chose to let their children know of the request.  
  3. The form must be completed prior to the start of the end of regular season championship tournament play.
  4. The League Commissioner will prepare a list of players who meet eligibility requirements and have committed to be available for post season tournament play. The list will be distributed to all Managers in the respective Leagues.
  5. KCLL will prepare a web based form titled “KCLL All-Star Player Nomination” where regular season managers can nominate players from their team and from other teams to be considered for an All-Star team.
  6. A regular season team Manager may nominate as many players for consideration as he/she feels appropriate.
  7. KCLL will publish the names (names only) of All-Star nominations on the KCLL website for public review.
  8. In the event a member of the Selection Committee believes a nomination is egregiously wrong:
  1. Defined as the nominee is substantially unqualified on the basis of regular-season performance or behavior, and or the player selected has on a repeated basis behavior that substantially deviates from KCLL values, the Committee member has the option to request a meeting with the League Commissioner to review.
  2. The respective League Commissioner will arbitrate any disputed nomination and make the final determination, working with the KCLL President and both candidate All-Star Managers
  3. For purposes of clarity, the evidence necessary to overturn an All-Star nomination must be wholly factual and substantial.  Moreover, overturning a nomination must clearly result in 1) a more qualified replacement and 2) a replacement that will materially improve the team’s performance and competitiveness.

Player Selection

  1. A tryout for all nominated players will be held two days prior to the End-of-Season ceremonies held on the last day of the KCLL regular season.
  2. At this point the regular season teams participating in the championship finals of each league will be known.
  3. Both Managers of the championship finalist teams will attend the tryouts and assess the nominees.
  4. All nominated players are encouraged to attend the tryouts; However, attendance is not mandatory
    1. A nominee who does not attend the tryouts may be selected by a Manager if the Manager is familiar with the player’s performance during the regular season (e.g. a Manager who coached the nominee during the regular season knows the nominee’s ability to contribute to the All-Star team)
    2. If a nominee does not attend the tryouts and is selected, the Manager must explain the decision to the Player Selection Committee.
  5. Both Managers will prepare an All-Star roster and submit to the respective League Commissioner.
  6. The League Commissioner facilitate a Selection Review meeting to be attended by the Player Selection Committee and any regular season Manager who wishes to attend
  1. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the rationale for selection to allow Managers to communicate further to players should there be questions.
  2. Both candidate All Star Managers will review his/her team selection and rationale.
  3. The selection of players is the sole decision of the candidate All-Star Managers.
  4. At the conclusion of the meeting, both candidate All-Star Managers will provide the respective League Commissioner with the final rosters.
  5. The final rosters are to remain confidential until public announcement at the End-of-Season ceremonies.
  1. The final roster of the Manager who wins the regular season Championship tournament will become the official roster of the respective All-Star team.
  2. KCLL will announce the All-Star selection at the End-of-Season ceremonies.

Additional References

Links from Little League International regarding All-Star Play: