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Our Programs:

All Whitten Lacrosse programs are designed to compliment players of all ages and all abilities.

Whether you have been playing for years or you are just discovering the sport of lacrosse, Whitten Lacrosse can compliment your needs as a developing player.

At Whitten Lacrosse we believe that sports is a metaphor for life.

The lessons learned on the field of play will carry over into all that happens to athletes over the course of their lives. Our programs focus on what is important for players of all ages.

Fundamentals and Attitude.

If a player can master the fundamentals of lacrosse, while at the same time have a winning attitude, there is no limit to the success they will find on and off the field.

At Whitten Lacrosse, our only focus is on the mental and athletic development of all players in our program. Experience the difference that Whitten Lacrosse provides from all other lacrosse programs.