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This page defines the process for forming teams and leagues for the Spring Season and was ratified by the KCLL Board of Directors on October 4, 2012.


The objective of the team selection and league formation process is to:

  • Comply with Little League International rules
  • Consider requests to play with friends or a particular coach
  • Create competitive parity among teams
  • Provide transparency of the process
  • Be sustainable through ease of execution
  • Be scalable and accomodate participation growth
  • Be fair to players, parents and coaches
  • Be consistent in it's application across leagues. 


Career Player - Once a player is assigned to a Major League or Minor League team, the player will remain with that team for duration of the player's participation in that LEAGUE. For example,  when a player transitions from AAA Minor League to Major League, the player is no longer affiliated with the AAA Minor League team and must enter the Major League draft pool to be considered for a Major League team.

Competitive League -  A league of teams in which the runs scored are recorded and games are won or loss. The League also determines a champion through an end of season tournament. KCLL has three competitive leagues: AA Minor League, AAA Minor League and Major League.

Draftee - A player who is placed in a draft pool and eligible for to be picked by a Coach during the draft process.

The Team Selection Process

Team selection for competitive leagues will follow "Plan B" as specified in the Little League Operations Manual

A player becomes a draftee and must enter a draft pool when:

  •  Player registers to play for another League
  •  Player is new to Ken-Caryl Little League
  •  Parent has requested to play for a different team in the same league.

A player who registers for another league, gives up his/her career player status in the previous league. For example, if a AAA Minor League protected player from the previous year registers for Major league, the player enters the Majors draft ppol.  If the player is not drafted by a Major league team, the player returns to the AAA minor league draft pool and may be drafted by team that is different from the previous year's AAA team.    

A returning Coach may not request that a Career Player be dropped from his/her team roster. This is to prevent "dumping" of players.

Parents may request to play with a specific team or coach and the League will try to honor that request; but the League cannot guarantee that request.

Each team will have one Manager, who is generally responsible for all activities related to his/her team.

Each team may have two Assistant Coaches.

Children of the Manager and Assistant Coaches are automatically designated Career players for the team for which the Manager and Coaches are coaching.

The League will conduct an Assessment Camp before teams are selected. All Managers and Coaches will attend the Assessment Camp and evaluate the skills, athleticism, emotional and physical maturity, and baseball accumen of draftees.

Career Players need not attend the Assessment Camp.

All Minor and Major League draftees will participate in the Assessment Camp.

The League strongly encourages all draftees to attend the Assessment Camp.

If a draftee is unable to attend the Assessment Camp, he/she must inform the League Commissioner and complete an Assessment Absentee form (see Online Forms on the website). The draftee (guardians) must provide an honest and frank opinion of the ability of the draftee. The information will be given to all Managers prior to the draft for consideration. 

If a draftee does not attend the Assessment Camp or complete the Assesment Absentee form, the player will be placed on a waitlist and will be randomly assigned to a team by the Player Agent.

All Managers and Coaches will use the same assessment scoring system and submit their assessment scores to League Commissioners after the Assessment. 

The League will conduct a draft within one week after the Assessment.

League Commissioners will lead the draft process for their respective leagues.

Before the draft, League Commissioners will re-inforce to the Managers the objectives of balancing parent requests and parity.

The League Commissioners and the Player Agent will determine the number of teams and the number of players per team that will be fielded in each League before the draft process begins.

A draft will be conducted for each League in the following order:

   1. Major League
   2. AAA Minor League
   3. AA Minor League

Major League Draft

Major League draft will be conducted as follows:

The number of players per Major League team must be at least 12 and no more than 14 players

Little League rules limit Major league teams to no more than eight 12-year olds per team. If a Major League team has more than eight Career 12-year olds, the Manager must work with the Player Agent to return 12-year old players to the draft pool so the team has exactly eight 12-year olds

Little League recommends that all 12-year olds play in the Major Leagues. The League will attempt to place all 12-year olds on a Major League team.

If in the consensus of the Major League Managers a 12 year old player is not ready for play in the Majors, the Major League Commissioner will process a waiver with the District 5 Manager to place the player on a Minor League team. 

Based on the number of 12-year old draftees, The League Commissioner will determine the minimum number of 12-year olds that must be drafted by each team. 

The League Commissioner will provide a list of all Major league players to all Managers at least 24 hours before the draft meeting. The list will designate Career players by team and all draftees.

The Major League Commissioner will convene a draft meeting of all Major League Coaches.

The team with with the fewest Career players will draft first.

In the event there are multiple teams with the same number of fewest Career players, the first pick will be determined by a coin toss.

The draft will begin on the Commissioners command.

Each Manager will have 3 minutes to name their draft pick(s).

Other Managers are not allowed to speak during the 3 minute period.

The first team will draft the number of players that brings their roster up to the same number of players as the team with the second fewest Career players, at which point the draft process becomes a round-robin, single pick process.

The process is repeated for each team as the number of players on a roster become equal. 

Each team must draft their designated number of 12-year olds during the draft. 

For example, assume there are 3 Major League teams. Red Team has 8  career/protected players. Blue Team has 5 and Green team is new with only the Manager's child protected. The draft process would work like this:

Pick 1 - Green Team - 4 draftees - roster is 5 players
Pick 2 - Blue Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 5 players
Pick 3 - Green Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 6 players
Pick 4 - Blue Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 6 players
Pick 5 - Green Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 7 players
Pick 6 - Blue Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 7 players
Pick 7 - Green TEam - 1 draftee - roster count is 8 players
Pick 8 - Blue Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 8 players
Pick 9 - Red Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 9 players
Pick 10 - Green Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 9 players
Pick 11 - Blue Team - 1 draftee - roster count is 9 players

The slection process is then repeated until each team has a minimum roster count of 12-14 players.

If a parent requests siblings play together, the Manager must select the siblings together and will forfiet the next pick for each sibling.

Major League Managers will have 24 hours after the draft meeting to trade players.

All trades must be reviewed and approved by the League Commissioner and Player Agent

24 Hours after the draft meeting, teams will be declared offical, rosters published online and Managers may contact their players.

Any draftee who is not selected onto a Major League team will be placed in the AAA Minor League draft pool.

AAA Minor League Draft

The AAA Minor League draft process will follow the same process as that described for the Major League with the following exception.

AAA Minor League teams may consist wholly of 11 year olds.

 KCLL will attempt to honor parent requests to play together. After each Manager's pick, the Minor League Commissioner will evaluate the pick. If the draftee has requested another team, the Commissioner will facilitate discussion between the respective Managers to see if an alternate pick is available.

The selecting Manager has the right to refuse the alternate and keep the original pick.

Any draftee who is not placed onto a AAA team will be placed in the AA Minor League drfat pool.

AA Minor League Draft Process

Thee AA Minor League draft process will follow the same process as that described for the AAA Minor League, except there is no age requirements for first pick.

Farm and Rookie League Team Formation

Respective Commissioner for the Farm and Rookie Leagues will form teams at his/her discretion.
The Commissioner will take into consideration parent requests, schools, and locations when forming teams.
There is no draft process for Rookie and and Farm League teams as these two leagues are non-competitive.