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To participate in Ken-Caryl Little League, players must reside within the league boundaries and meet the age eligibility requirements. However, There are circumstances where a non-resident may participate in the our league. These exceptions are described below. Contact our Player Agent or League President if you would like to pursue a waiver.

Regulation IV(h)

If a person had previously resided within the league boundaries for two years while serving  that league as dedicated manager, coach or member of local Board of Directors for two years, his or her sons and/or daughters are eligible to tryout and be selected for by teams in that league (1) provided such service to the league from which the person has moved has continued (2) subject to written agreement from the league within whose boundaries they currently reside and (3) supported by a recommendation from the District Manager to Regional Director to the Charter Committee. Click here for the form.

Regulation II(d) 

The Board of Directors of the Local League, with the approval of the player involved, reserves the right to continue as a player, any individual (1) whose residence changes from within the boundary to  outside the league’s boundaries or (2) who lives outside the leagues boundaries because of a revision of such boundaries if the child then resides in the territory of another league. Current Major League, Minor League or Tee Ball player or any sibling  whose brother or sister me t the criteria under II(d) at one time may be retained. Any player meeting (1) or (2) above may be retained for the remainder of his/her career, including Little League, Senior and Big League competition. Click here for the form.