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Nothing's more important than safety The safety of the players is the number one priority. Players wearing equipment which is dangerous to other players or to themselves shall not be eligible to participate in any game. The Referee at the field has the final say on what may be dangerous equipment. If a player wants to get their ears pierced, please have them do so in the off-season at least 6 weeks before the next season starts. Players must be able to remove their earrings for games and practices; if they cannot be removed, then the child will not be allowed to play.

The following is a summary of prohibited items, per rules from the Florida  State Referee:


1.     1. Any rigid or semi-rigid cast or splint, regardless of padding. Note that joint braces or supports are generally acceptable; however if they have exposed hinges, buckles, buttons, zippers, etc. they may be considered dangerous and unacceptable by the referee.

2. Hair control devices of any material other than soft pliable plastic or rubber  earrings of any kind, including post earrings, regardless of coverings.

Jewelry of any sort.

Hats or other head gear