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Here are some of the most common questions about our League.

Q: When does the spring season start?
A: Minor and Major League practices usually start in early March. Farm and Rookie League practices will start in late March. Games will begin in mid-April and run through mid-June.

Q: How are teams formed?
A: We are chartered with Little League International which means we must follow the rules defined by that organization. Little League requires that all chapters perform a draft. For more information on how we form our teams, see the "Team Selection" page.

Q: When does registration for the Spring Season open?
A: Early registration opens in late October or early November and ends on December 31. Early registration offers a discount on participation fees. Registration remains open until the Assessment Camp, which is held in mid or late February.

Q: How do I know if my child is ready for first year kid-pitch?
A: Most 7 year old and under players participate in the Farm League one or two years before transitioning to kid pitch.  However, some younger players are big and mature for their age and can play at the kid pitch level. Consider the following when deciding if your future Hall-of-Famer is ready for kid pitch baseball:

Can he/she accurately throw a ball 50' without an arch - throw straight to the base?
Can he/she hit a ball moving between 35-40 mph (usually the slowest pitching machine at a batting cage)?
Can he/she catch a fly-ball from a distance of 70' or more'?
Can he/she play catch with you from a distance of 50' or more?

If yes to all or most of the above questions, then you child is probably ready for the AA Minor League division or above.

Q: What kind of glove do you recommend for 8 year old or under?
A: You can purchase a decent youth glove for around $40 at any sporting goods store.  Try consignment stores or used equipment too such as Play it Again sports.  The gloves are used, but they are soft and broken in. New gloves are stiff and not many 8U players have enough strength to squeeze a new glove - it can be like trying to field a grounder with a cup! The softer the glove, the better.

Q: How many practices and games a week are there?
A: For the Majors, Minors, and Farm League, the preseason will consist of one weekday practice and one weekend practice for two events a week. Once the season starts, there will be one weekday practice, one weekday game and one Saturday game for a total of three events per week. Rookie League (tee ball) will have one weekday practice and one weeekend game.

Q: How long are the practices and games?
A: For Majors, Minors and Farm league, practices are 1.5 hours. For Majors and Minors, games are 2 hours and for Farm League games are 1.5 hours. For Rookie League, practice and games are 1 hour.

Q: Can I request to play on a specific team?
A: Yes, but we cannot guarantee your request. Little League rules require we conduct a draft. We try very hard to comply with Little League rules, ensure parity among teams and honor parent requests to play on a specific team. For more information, see the "Team Selection" page.  
Q: Can I request to play/practice on a specific day and time?
A: No. Our game schedules are randomly generated. Practice schedules are put together based on a coach availability.

Q: What is the difference between the "Tournament Team" and "Regular Season Little League Teams"?
A: Tournament Teams operate independent of our league. These teams are organized by Coaches who want to participate in non-Little League weekend tournaments sponsored by other organizations such as CABA and USSSA. KCLL works with these coaches to organize game and practice schedules to minimize conflicts and allow players to particpate in both programs. 

Q: Where are games and practices held?
A: Our games are mostly held at Community Park or the Ranch House. Some games are also held on local school fields in the area. Practices are held at schools in the southwest Littleton area, including but not limited to Bradford Elementary, Bradford Intermediate, Falcons Bluff, Coronado, Governors Ranch, Ute Meadows.

Q: Is there a tryout for the Regular Season Little League Teams?
A: There is no tryout, but there is an Assessment. Everyone who signs up in time will be placed on a team. However, the number of teams we put together is limited and so participation is limited - sign up early. Before the teams are formed, KCLL will hold an Assessment and run players through some simple drills. Coaches will evaluate players and draft players onto teams. Again, every kid who signs up in time will be placed on a team, but you may not end up on a team or a League that you signed up for. For example, if a player signs up for the Majors but is not drafted by a Major League team, the player will be placed in the AAA Minor League draft pool.

Q: Who has to attend the Assessment?
A: The following players must attend the Assessment:
• Players new to KCLL
• Players transitioning from Minor League to Major League
• Players transitioning from AA Minor League to AAA Minor League
• Players transitioning from Farm League to Minor League
• Players who are requesting to be released from last years team

Players registered for Farm League and Rookie league need not attend the Assessment. The Assessment is only for AAA Minor, AA Minor and Major League players. 

Q: What if I cannot attend the Assessment
A: We strongly encourage you to make every effort to attend the Assessment to ensure your child is evaluated and placed in the appropriate League for a safe and fun baseball experience. However, if you absolutely can not make it to the Assessment, you can complete an Absentee Form. The form will be given to coaches prior to the draft for consideration. Be as honest as you can in your own assessment (you might even consider having a friend with baseball experience and knowledge of your child's abilities complete the form for you). It is important that your child be placed in a league that is not beyond their level of experience, skills and physical abilities. 

Q: How do I become a volunteer?
A: All volunteers (including Managers, Assistant Coaches, Board Members, Umpires, team parents, anyone who has substantive and regular contact with players) must register in our Volunteer program. Once registered, we will conduct a background check. All volunteers will be checked through the National Sex Offender Registry and the Lexis-Nexis criminal data base.  Upon passing the background checks, KCLL will notify you of your approvied affiliation with our organization.

Managers and Assistant coaches will be required, by Colorado State law, to complete a Concussion Awareness Course. Managers or Coaches who wish to be considered for All-Star program must complete a Postive Coaching Alliance course.  To register for the Volunteer program, do the following:  
Click "edit my account" in the lower left menu bar
Log in with your email account or create a new account
Make sure your correct birthday is on file
Save your updates
Click "Registration" in the upper left menu bar
Click "Begin Registration" for the Volunteer program (usually the last program listed)
Complete the registration form

Background checks can take up to 4 weeks. So be patient.
Q: If my son is nominated for the All-Star team, what is the time, cost and travel commitment?
A: In general, you can expect practices to start just after the end of the regular season. Post Season tournament play runs during the month of July. The Majors All-Star team is eligible to enter the Little League World Series (as seen on ESPN) and if the boys are good enough could play through the end of August.  Travel is typically limited within Colorado, but again if the boys do well could end up in Williamsport. Cost of the program is nominal. There will be a $25 uniform rental charge. For more information about the All-Star program, click here.