Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and golf as well as youth basketballcounty, VA, men's, northern, mens, legends, legend

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We wanted to make sure we created a desirable youth league, so we focused on the following:


  1. There were few good alternatives after VYI, CYO, FPYC, BRYC, and McLean Basketball programs complete their Winter Season.  Youths' basic options for basketball in the Spring Season was severely limited and had significant drawbacks.  What if their high costs were prohibitive?  Or the travel was too much?  Or they were not flexible where the boys had to dedicate their spring to that one league vs. other spring sports
  2. There were a lack of good clinics for Fairfax areas players to advance their skills beyond their winter season.
  3. Teams had little choice for options to continue playing together as a team.
  4. Many existing leagues for kids did not highlight outstanding play.
  5. Pictures of participants were non-existent or of low quality at some leagues.

So this is what we developed:


  1. A Spring Season league that is geared both towards games, which the kids love, and clinics/practices which is desperately needed after other Fairfax leagues finish their season.
  2. A league that is played in local gyms - all in the Vienna, Tyson's, Oakton area.
  3. A Team Registration option where teams can continue to practice and play together.
  4. A discounted, optional weekly clinic that will be run by outstanding adult players from our adult Legends League who have played college or high school ball.  Youth will easily relate to our clinic coaches because they know and love the sport, and have a special desire to teach their knowledge to the kids.
  5. A schedule that can support a child's desire to play more than one spring sport.  We know may of our kids move on to other sports in the spring.  But for many, there is a desire to continue their son's basketball skills.  With one game a week, and optional practices and clinics, our league can easily be accommodated with another spring sport.
  6. Leveraging our adult Legends format that will include:
    1. Weekly "Commish Corners" which highlight the kids' play in a positive way, and selection of a "Little Legend of the Week".
    2. Outstanding photos of the kids in action on the court that can be downloaded for free.
    3. Points tracked and reported on the new Legends website.
    4. An exciting end-of-season playoffs and reporting of winning teams and the season's most valuable players from each division.

So why not gives us a try? Your child will love the league!