Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and golf as well as youth basketballcounty, VA, men's, northern, mens, legends, legend

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Registration as an individual or an incoming team (Sunday only) is allowed.  Just go to the main page and select one of the big buttons on the right side of the site.  If there are no buttons, no registrations are currently open.


Legends currently has separate leagues for at least three seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring), and sometimes summer if there is enough interest.  Fall Season generally starts in September, Winter Season in December, Spring Season in April, and Summer Season in June.



All players purchase a high quality basketball uniform including a reversible jersey (for home and away) with pre-designated number. When you join Legends, you only purchase the uniform once, as it can be worn during subsequent seasons. 

Team-owned Uniforms:  Incoming pre-formed teams can opt to wear their own uniforms, subject to league approval prior to the season, and as long as all team members have the same uniform.  In general, Jerseys must match and have numbers on front and back.  Shorts must ideally be the same for all players, and match the jerseys, but at least be the same color for all players (e.g., All black).

Game Length
Games are scheduled for 1 hour including two 20-minute halfs.  If tied, a 2-minute overtime will be allowed.

Team Assignments
Participating individual players will be assigned to a team with the notion of creating equal strengths of teams.  If you desire to play on a particular team or with a friend, specify that on the registration and every effort will be made to accommodate you.  We assign no more than 8 players per team unless desired by the coach.

Age Limits 
Sunday League - Men and women must be at least 18 years old by Opening Night. We also allow 11th and 12th graders and sometimes younger, to compete in the 18+ Division if they have significant experience such as on a high school team. In addition, we also sometimes allow a small number of younger players into higher age categories as long as it does not create an unbalanced set of teams in the division.


See the "Upcoming Season Info" link for the latest divisions. In general, we have divisions broken up into skill levels A, B, or C:


Elite or A Division - Most players have college or high school team experience

B Division            - Most players have either high school or significant league experience

C Division            - Most players have no high school or significant organized team experience


Generally, two referees will oversee each men's game and a clock will be manned.  If you have referee experience or would like to learn, and are interested in refereeing, contact us for further information.


There are no mandatory practices (many are very busy and have just enough time to come to the games!)  Some teams may organize an optional practice on their own.


Although the league downplays heavy competition and stresses fun, let's be honest - we all like to win!  To satisfy our need to “Be a Legend”, a single elimination tournament will be held at the end of the season. All teams are in the playoffs regardless of regular season records, but will be seeded based on regular season record. Trophies will be awarded to the winning team in each division.


Refunds (minus administrative fee of 20%) can only be given 2 weeks prior to the start of the season.  This is necessary because of the nature ordering uniforms and/or confirming rosters.  The registration amount may also be rolled to an upcoming season with no admin fee.



If you are injured during the first three weeks of the season (1 week for summer season) and cannot play for the remaining season, you can receive a $50 ($25 for summer) credit towards your next season. You may also transfer this credit to any new player in the league.

Please Note: To keep costs down for our players, Legends does not purchase excess accidental medical coverage for injury to participants Please make sure your own insurance covers any injury you may have


Please be sure to check the inclement weather gym closing hotline when bad weather is imminent.  Closings could be due to snow and rain, but also any weather that causes power outages such as high winds. In case of closings, the message will be updated regularly. The hotline number is: 800-839-FCPS (3277).  Every effort will be made to make up canceled games, but sometimes the seasonal schedule will not allow for it.  $20 credits per game will be provided for canceled games above the first two if not made-up.


Emergency Communications

In the event of inclement weather, see the Closings Info, above.  We will also email all players and referees of weather status as early as the night before if needed, and/or at least two hours before games time if possible.

We will also email all players and referees as soon as we hear of any other emergencies or closings that arise.