Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and golf as well as youth basketball

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Per Player Registration - Spring and Fall

19+ Division

We've lowered the cost of the 19+ Division to help our young players participate! Costs include a $199 registration fee and a one-time $135 uniform cost for first-year players.  We also offer used uniforms (while supplies last) to help the young guys get in the league with less outlay of money.

30+ and 40+ Divisions

Costs include a $222 registration fee and a one-time $135 uniform cost for first-year players.   

Team Registrations - Spring and Fall

Advantages of Team Registration:


  1. The cost is a flat $2886 (13 * $222 registration fee) for 30+ teams, and $2587 (13 * $199) for 19+ teams.  However, you may have as many players on your official roster as you desire.  This allows the manager to accommodate players who cannot make some games, but still would like to participate.

  2. No out-of-county fees are charged.

  3. You can avoid getting free-agents and play with less than 15 players.

  4. New players who need Legends uniforms will request and pay for them during their Team Registration – Part 2.

  5. For playoffs, players must be on the roster, and have played at least two regular season games to be eligible.


To start, just click the big "Team Registration" button on the main baseball page and follow the instructions!


Discounts are given for groups: 20% off registration for 3-6 new players, and 50% off for 7 or more new players (If purchasing Legends uniforms - if 7+ using own, it is 35% off). If the player organizing the group is a current Legends player, he also receives the discount.  Ask us for a Group Code to use prior to registering.