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When a young player picks up a lacrosse stick for the first time, he or she will participate in one of the greatest sports played today.

Lacrosse is a game of skill, speed and attitude.  

The growth in the sport over the past decade is proof that lacrosse is a great game, as more and more kids pick up a stick each spring looking to be tested by this great game.

I am the son of a legendary coach.  I grew up with this game in my house every day as young boy.  My brother and I spent countless hours in the backyard playing this game, and pretending that each shot we took in the backyard was the game winner in overtime during a state championship game.  This is how I grew up, and so many kids today do the exact same thing.  

I am now a coach at the high school level, but I work with players all the way down to kindergarten.  Kids are starting to play at a much earlier age today then when I was a youngster, which has it's benefits and draw backs.

Today's game is different.  It is faster, played with better equipment, played by bigger faster athletes on a much grander scale. 

Even with the advancements in our sport the foundational requirements remain the same. Players at all levels still need a set of skills at the most basic level to ensure that their development can be built upon a solid foundation. If that foundation is built on solid principles, then a player can revert back to the basics at any time to ensure their development continues. 

Structuring youth lacrosse development on a principle basis ensures that players are focusing on proper development. If emphasis is placed on skills that do not have a principle base they may be a quick fix or provide a short term solution.  But, as coaches, we need to provide structure to players at all levels which serve them well as they develop as players. 

Players that have a solid base of knowledge, rooted in fundamental principles, will be able to develop skills sets along their journey that will allow them to become the best player they can be.

The F³ Method has been designed to provide a foundational platform of education for lacrosse players to take advantage of in order for them to develop in to the best possible player. 

Any player that is truly interested in taking their lacrosse game to the next level will find The F³ Method to be the best key to accelerate their development as a lacrosse player.