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Lacrosse is known as "The Fastest Game on Two Feet".

Today there are almost ten times the number of kids playing lacrosse than there were a decade ago.  The rapid growth of this game is due to the appeal of it being a sport which is fast paced, hard hitting and high scoring.  These enrollment numbers are growing everyday, and there is no indication they will be slowing down at all.

Lacrosse is not an easy sport to play.  It is mentally and physically demanding.  And now with more and more kids playing the game, it takes an even greater level of effort to be able to develop one's game in order to stand out among the plethora of other players.

There are no quick fixes in lacrosse and there are no easy ways to cut corners.  To become a great player you need to put in the work.  Putting in the work means hitting the wall, getting in the weightroom and watching video of other players and programs.  Not everyone is willing to put in the work, and that is why few players ever find continued success on the lacrosse field.  But the players that do put in the work reap the greatest reward.  The players that put forth the greatest amount of effort are the players that get recruited to the best programs.  The students that put in the most work in the library are the ones that get into the best colleges.  There is no secret recipe for success.  It requires effort, and a lot of it!!!

This is the second piece to The F³ Method.  

Full Speed!!!

Full Speed means you go as hard as you can, for as long as you can.  You don't have to be the greatest athlete or the fastest player.  You need to do your best regardless of what others do.  If you work your hardest in your endeavours you can look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and be satisfied.  And then, you need to get up and do it all over again tomorrow, because being a Full Speed person means you are never satisfied with where you are.  My father told me that if you ever feel you are good enough that you should just quit because you will never get any better.  So true.  Players need to come to each practice, each school day or any other challenge they may face with an open mind, a willingness to be taught and bring as much energy as they possibly can to everything they do.

At Whitten Lacrosse we teach our student athletes to give everything they have in everything they do regardless of their ability.  Our clinic and programs are run in a positive setting with tons of energy so that players feel their energy is matched by the staff.   Whether it is a 1 on 1 private lesson or a clinic with dozens of players.  We focus on having our staff reflect the Full Speed mentality so that our players see firsthand what it means to have passion and energy for the task at hand.

Practicing at Full Speed raises a player's arousal levels.  We cannot expect a player to recognize what it is like to play in a charged atmosphere like a big game if they have practiced in a dull state.  Practice is an important piece to the puzzle.  However, just going through the motions at practice is a guaranteed recipe for mediocrity.

Come see what we mean when we say FULL SPEED!!!