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Lacrosse is a skilled game.  Plain and simple.

In order to play this game, regardless of position, you need to have a skill set that meets the basic level of requirements.  Let's face it, if you can't ice skate you can't play hockey.  If you can't dribble you can't play basketball. The same rings true for lacrosse, if you can't pass and catch you can't play this sport.  Everything in life comes down to your ability to perform skills at a fundamental level.  

What does this mean for lacrosse?  It means you NEED to be able to catch and throw the ball, scoop groundballs, play solid defense, shoot the ball effectively or have solid goaltending skills.  It all seems simple right?  Well if you have ever picked up a lacrosse stick you might disagree.

If you watch the best players in the world play lacrosse you might see a few plays when a player makes a behind the back pass or does an Indian pickup.  But, most likely the best plays are made by players who scoops a groundball in traffic, make a great cross field pass on the run, plays great positional defense, makes a great save because they had proper form and position between the pipes.  The reality of our sport is that at the highest levels of play, with the best quality of athlete competing, with the highest level of competition it all comes down to players executing on a very fundamental level at a very fast pace. 

Players in today's game need to have a solid set of fundamental skills and knowledge of the game in order to compete.  If a player does not have a solid core of fundamental skills, ability and knowledge then their game will reach a ceiling and will never develop to it's peak.  

When we talk of fundamentals, we also need to understand that fundamentals are crucial in all that we do as individuals.  We need to teach our young players that a fundamental approach to all that we do in life is crucial for success in anything we pursue.  In order to find success in our pursuits we must have a solid fundamental skill set to rely upon.  

The first step in The F³ Method is Fundamentals.  


All of our programming at Whitten Lacrosse will be rooted in a fundamental approach to the game of lacrosse.  Period.  

It is our core belief that fundamental develop of lacrosse players is paramount to their development as players, and as people.  Ultimately coaches want to have players that are creative in body and mind.  Creativity comes from a person having a mastery of skill sets that allow them to reach to changing environments around them.  Creativity is not easy to achieve.  Creativity takes time.  Creativity in lacrosse will NEVER happen if a player does not have a strong fundamental knowledge and skillset for our sport.

There can be no real growth unless the foundation of knowledge and skill is based on a rock solid platform that gives specific attention to a player's fundamental skill.  

We will provide great instruction at the fundamental level, because without this we are limiting our players.