Learn From The Best!!!
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Fear is a certainty in life.  

If anyone tells you they are not afraid of anything they are lying to you.  

As we grow as people and as athletes we need to understand that mistakes and failures are part of the journey.  Too often people want to shield players and youngsters from making mistakes.  The fact is that mistakes are a necessary part of success.  Players need to fall down, miss the shot, get scored on.  These are great teaching moments that coaches can use to their advantage and teach players where they might have done differently and maybe found success.  

I always say that there are no mistakes in lacrosse unless we continually repeat a behavior that doesn't work.  If what we do doesn't work, we need to look at that effort and assess the process which got us to that outcome.  If the process didn't work then we need to change it.  This is coaching.  If our actions lead us to perform and the outcomes are what we want to see, then by all means repeat those practices.

Most coaches will tell you that they don't want robots.  They want players that are creative.  Being a creative player requires that you master the first 2 steps of the F³ Method and have a great fundamental skill set able to be performed at a high rate of speed.  It also requires us to be able to take chances in order to break through a previous ceiling we might have set for ourselves.  To reach higher than we ever thought possible.

This is the third part of The F³ Method.


We want our players to be fearless when it comes to trying new things in lacrosse.  We want our players to know that is okay to mess up, to not be perfect, to miss that shot, to miss that check, to not save that shot.  Failures are a part of growth in lacrosse.  Kids need to see what it is like to not succeed.  Find out what it feels like to lose a big game.  No one goes through life undefeated.  Now I am not saying that we need to accept our defeats, but we must learn from them by analyzing what didn't work and how we might have done things differently.  We may even find that those new practices don't work either so we need to be fearless in our decisions to try new things until we find something that works.  

The environment at Whitten Lacrosse events is one where a player can feel comfortable trying new things.  Try that new check, that new shot, that behind the back pass.  Who knows?  Maybe it will work!!! This type of environment allows players to feel freedom in their creative mode so that they explore in their athleticism.  

The creative athlete is one which has a great sense of self, but more importantly has the ability to reach outside of himself, see what else is out there and break through any preconceived notions of what he thought possible of himself.

We welcome you to come see what it means to play in a Fearless environment.