Each year, Kennedy is proud to offer kids the opportunity to represent our league in All-stars.  This year will be no exception and we have a planned try-out date of June 1st at the Kennedy fields.  Try-out times will be posted on the Kennedy Little League homepage. 

To play as a player, there are Little League expectations that are on the Parents and Players that you can start working on now.  Kennedy is required to adhere to strict policies based on player residency for All-stars.  Please see below to the information that will be required to be turned in at the All-star try-outs.


Players are eligible for All-Star teams corresponding to their age. Please see the little league age chart to determine your player's age: http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/age-chart-baseball.pdf


To participate in All-stars, Little League Organization requires the following information, which is the sole responsibility of the parents to obtain prior to and for try-outs:

1.  3 pieces of correspondence that proves you live where you do.  I.e. utility and credit card bills.  Black out all other information, we need just whom it came from and your address.  Date prior to Feb. 1st, 2017.

2.  Copy of the player’s birth certificate - KLL will facilitate a "birth annotation" form at try-outs so that no birth certificates will be retained by KLL.

3.  School documentation of enrollment prior to Oct. 1st, 2016 (report cards will not be acceptable as they are issued after the required date).  

See latest information regarding these from Little League Organization: LL Player Eligibility 


Try-out Selection Process


The selection process for try-outs is such that players, league coaches, and the all-star head coach each get 1/3 of the vote.  After compiling the votes, the top 10 players will be selected onto the team, with the all-star head coach being able to select the final players to complete the team roster (with a roster of 12, the final 2 players are head coach picked).  If the head coach feels that a player in the top 10 is missing too much time based on their listed availability, is out of our league boundaries, has attendance concerns to league games, or has code of conduct concern, the coach can raise those issues to the players agent and the league president for approval to skip that player selection among the top 10 voted players.  This will result in the 11th ranked player making the team.  If there is two players with a listed concern, the 12th ranked player will make the team, and so on down the line.  The final roster must consist of 10 players making the team based on the voting process.

If a player is not able to attend try-outs, they may remain on the ballot to determine their overall rank in the age group, but they are not eligible for a position among the “top 10” voted players.  The head coach may still select that player with the coaches’ selection, so long as a coaches’ selection remains.  An instance where a coaches’ selection does not remain is if the the coaches’ kids are not in the top 10 voted positions, the coaches’ selections are automatically applied to coaches’ players.  The players agent and league president reviews the selection of a non-attended try-out player, referencing the rank of the player through the voting process as needed, and will either approve or deny the player selection.

In any event where the players agent and president have a split decision, the VP of Operations will cast the deciding vote or defer the deciding vote to the VP of Baseball if there is a conflict of interest.

Thank you,

Kennedy Little League Board