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                2013 - 2014 Girls Tryouts Results                  
    *** Coming Soon ***

NOTE:  These registration links are for players selected to play in the 2013-2014 season.  Please go to the Tryout page to register for tryouts.  Thank you!

Age Group


Selected Players


(Click Link to Register)

U9 Girls


Jake Hackett


U10 Girls Developmental

Jessica Becker


U11 Girls Developmental

Rui Fernandes


U12 Girls Developmental

Don Dione


U13 Girls Premier

Gary Collins


U14 Girls Premier

Rui Fernandes


U15 Girls Premier

Mike Howard


U16 Girls Premier

Whitey Budreckas


U17 Girls Premier

Nicolas Wajnowski


U18 Girls Premier

Owen Quigley


Selected players must register online ASAP.  Use the link on the row for your specific team.