Learn From The Best!!!
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Often times players look at doing sprints at practice as punishment.  

If a coach runs an effective practice, most of the running can be done during drills, and there isn't really a great need for "sprints" during practice.

However, players need to realize lacrosse is a game of speed and for people who are in shape and LOVE to run.  Ask yourself if players in the NFL or NBA curse the times when they have to hit the gym, weightroom or practice field.  The answer is NO WAY!!!  These prime athletes LOVE the aspect of the game that gets them in shape and allows them to perform.

I heard a great quote recently by Norman Schwartzkopf, "The more you sweat in times of peace, the less you bleed in times of war."  

Nothing could be more true in the world of athletics.  If you are in shape and ready to go on game day you will have a chance to compete.  If you are out of shape, exhausted in the 4th quarter or don't have the legs you most likely will fail when it comes time to perform.  

So what type of athlete are you?  What are you doing today to ensure you will be prepared when the time comes?  No one but you can answer these questions.