Learn From The Best!!!
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With technological advancements in today's world there are new frontiers for athletes.  

For lacrosse players, there is a feverish demand to be recruited.  What was unthinkable a decade ago is more than common today.  Players as young as freshmen in high school are verbally commiting to colleges.  While some think it is unethical and improper the landscape isn't going away.  In fact, in my opinion, more commitments will be made at younger ages.  I believe it will soon be the norm for most Division 1 schools to commit players in their freshman and sophomore years.  Whether you like it or not, early commits are here to stay.

This brings us to the technology aspect of lacrosse.  In case you have been living under a rock for years CONTENT IS KING!!!!  If you are a current player, and if you would like to get recruited, YOU NEED CONTENT!!!!  You need to be seen.  You need to get film of yourself playing the game and you need to get that film uploaded to the web.  With the advancement of cloud based service companies such as Hudl.com and YouTube players can get there goods online for the masses to see.  College coaches no longer have to take long roadtrips to check out players, they are just a few short clicks away while in the comfort of the campus office.  In fact, I have spoke with several colleges coaches who have said to me that they no longer NEED to (although they do) leave their office to scout anymore.  Gone are the days where you see coaches aimlessly scouring sidelines of camps and tournaments hoping, with fingers crossed, to find the next player to recruit.  They have a list of kids, hundreds of kids, that are at each event that they are there to specifically evaluate.

If you are an aspire athlete get online, go to YouTube or Lacrosserecruits.com and look at the competition.  See what other players are doing.  See what others are up to.   Determine if you are up to the challenge.   Ask yourself is your game as good as there.  

Remember content is king!!!  He who wears the crown shall rule!!!  Do you rule???