Learn From The Best!!!
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To add to yesterday's post, I want to chat about players taking upon themselves to use content to their advantage.  When I was a young player in the 80s and early 90s the only exposure a young player had to lacrosse was to go and watch high school or college games in person.  Programs were also very isolated at this point as well from outside communication and collaboration, so programs with solid infrastructure and great coaches tended to be the programs that found success.  

My father was one of the best high school coaches in the history of the sport.  He coached this sport while it was still in it's infancy on a national level.  He never played the game, but he could coach, and he was willing to learn the game which just takes time.  He would tell stories of going up to West Point to sit down with Jack Emmer to learn the game countless times.  Some argue that my father's program in Wilton would have difficulty finding the level of success today as it did when he was there.  I can't say if that is true or not, but what I do know is that my father would have tirelessly worked to educate himself so that he could be the best coach possible for his players.

Today things are much different.  Lacrosse has exploded nationally and that trend continues.  One of the big differences with today's game is through the use of technology.  Now you see nationally based companies travelling all over the country to run programming, and more importantly if you have access to the internet you are few clicks away from a wealth of information on this great game.  Players now have the ability to watch the best players in the world, listen to the best coaches in the world and watch educational videos on instruction.  

For players and coaches today, it imperative that they take advantage of every asset they can gain access to.  So if you are a new player or coach, or if you have play or coach at a high level, you need to get online and search options for this sport.  You can always find a new "Pearl of Wisdom" as my dad used to say to improve your game or life.  

Don't sit idly by and expect to be as good as a player or coach who is out there working their butt off trying to become better at what they do.  

Today's lacrosse landscape demands that those involved are better today than they were yesterday, which holds great things for all that is yet to come.