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The training environment for Box Lacrosse is unique to the sport of lacrosse.

How many times have you gone to practice, or seen your son at practice or a game, stand around for minutes on end never seeing the field or even touching the ball once?  It happens all the time in the outdoor game.  

At Whitten Lacrosse our camp environment revolves around a basic philosophy: The more times a player is allowed to get the ball in their stick the greater the level of development.  It is that simple.  We have developed a term TPP, Touches Per Player, to evaluate the effectiveness of our programming.  If TPP is high, then the players in our program will achieve a greater level of skill development more quickly than if that number is low.

If you wish to acquire a mastery in any practice it takes nearly 10,000 hours of practice to master a particular skill.  In lacrosse, the development of players is based on their level of exposure to the sport on it's most fundamental levels.  If you look at great college players, they simply have a mastery of the basics coupled with tremendous athletic ability.  We don't get a say in life about the level of athleticism we are born with, but we have full control over how hard we practice and how we go about building our fundamental skill sets.  

In my time as a lacrosse coach, I have seen no other environment that allows for a high level of TPP in a game type of environment as Box Lacrosse.  There is just no other way to develop the stickwork and skill sets that you need to take your game to the next level as you can in Box Lacrosse.  

All of our training sessions will be composed of drills which allow for extremely high TPP for each camper.  Campers can expect to touch the ball over 500 times in each practice day.  High speed drills, coupled with the field environment are going to change the way each camper actually plays the game.  Skills levels will develop immediately, and the results will be seen on the first day.

If a greater number of Touches Per Player is the best way to develop as a player, then there is no greater environment than Box Lacrosse to get exposed to.