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Box Lacrosse is a variation of the typical field game.

Box Lacrosse is played on a modified hockey rink in a much smaller and tighter playing environment.

Playing this variation of the game offers a plethora of advantages to players of all skill levels regardless of their position.   Let's talk about a few of them.

1. The Playing Area

Since the playing area is much smaller, the game moves at a much faster pace.  Players are able to cover more ground more quickly and this, in turn, forces players to have a sharper skill set with their stick.  This faster environment also forces players to make quicker decisions.  Think of Box Lacrosse as a Turbo version of the field game.  

One of the greatest factors of playing Box Lacrosse is that the ball never leaves the playing surface.  All missed passes and shots result in a rebound so there is NO stoppage in play.  This constant level of action means the game  moves faster and players get a greater number of touches per session than in any typical field environment.

The greater number of touches means great player development. It is that simple.

2. The Goals and Goalies

Box Lacrosse is NOT a 7 vs. 7 format game on a smaller outdoor field played with full sized goals against goalies wearing traditional equipment.  

Box Lacrosse goals are much smaller than a normal lacrosse goal measuring only 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet, so the surface area of the goal is much smaller.  The fact that the goal is much smaller forces players to be better shooters.  Players not only have to be more accurate shooters, but they must be selective in the shots that they take.

Not only is the goal smaller, but the Box Lacrosse Goalie wears a completely different set of equipment.  The pads are much greater in size and therefore protect the goalie from an increased number of shots in a much more confinded area.  The goalie in Box Lacrosse takes up roughly 90% of goal which reduces a player's chances of scoring even further.

3. The Drills

All Box Lacrosse drills force a player to use proper technique and to make decisions quickly.  These drills are in tight playing envirnoments and the speed of each drill, coupled with the repetetive nature of the drills, is the key to the development of players.  

4. All Positions

Each player in Box Lacrosse is forced to play offense and defense.  Too often field players are pidgeon holed into thinking that they are either a defensive player or offensive player and they are not given any exposure to play on the opposite side of the ball.  Box Lacrosse allows all players to play offense and defense as well as get involved in the transition play of the game on offense and defense.

To experience the true nature of the game you need to simply try it out.  GET IN THE BOX and see for yourself how this style of play can help you take your game to the next level!!!