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As the season progresses, rosters can fall victims to vacations, relocation and players who simply quit the league. Managers sometimes need substitute players to field a team. This page defines the policy and procedures for securing substitute players.

The objective of this policy is:

  • Be fair to all teams and players
  • Ensure one team does not gain an advantage through substitution/recruitment
  • Ensure teams complete their game schedules
  • Offer higher level of play to as many players as possible

 A Manager may acquire substitute players as follows:

The team Manager will contact the League Commissioners and request a substitute player
The Manager may request specific players, but the decision is the full discretion of the League Commissioners

Substitute players must members of Ken-Caryl Little League and assigned to a team.
Recruiting non-members or player who are not on a KCLL team is not permitted.

Substitute players will be pulled from lower level Leagues as follows

  • AAA Minor League Players may be substitutes for Major League teams
  • AA Minor League Players may be substitutes for AAA Minor League eams
  • Farm League Players may be substitutes for AA Minor League teams
  • Rookie League Players may be substitutes for Farm League players

For the Competitve Leagues, Majors and Minor Leagues, the following restrictions apply for substitute players

  • Substitute Players may not pitch
  • Substitute Players must bat last in the batting order
  • Substitute Players may not play more than 2 consecutive games for the same team