Illinois Ice Hockey Camp and Clinics and How to Play Hockey Lessons for Youth and Adults


My first hockey lesson involved a chair, a stick and over-sized skates taped around my ankles. As rudimentary as that may seem it still got me to where I am today. Speeding around the ice was fun and exciting and it got me hooked on the sport of ice hockey. Our hockey lessons, be they private or group instruction, are designed to teach all of our students with an emphasis on form and confidence.

You can always tell the kids who like ice hockey from the kids who love ice hockey. Most of the kids that love hockey are the ones who end up begging their parents for private hockey lessons. These kids are the ones that want that extra ice time, that extra edge over the other players. They’re the ones that hear “We Are the Champions” in their heads when they score a goal. They’re the ones that want to be another Gretzky, Hull, or Lemieux.

Ice hockey is a team sport. True. There is much to be gleaned from just being out there, playing with other kids on the ice. However, private lessons and private coaching can make an immeasurable difference to the growing hockey player. Private lessons can make an average hockey player good and the good player, great. We spend quality time with each student, drilling the fundamentals, and working with them to improve upon their finesse moves. Private lessons can amp up a player’s dangling capabilities, their shooting strategies, and help them become power players.

Hockey lessons at CCH Xtreme are designed for every age and level of player. We have both small group and private lessons depending upon your situation. Our coaches and instructors are the best in the area. Some of us have played professionally, we are certified with USA Hockey, and simply put, we are conducting what I believe is the best hockey camps, clinics and training in the state of Illinois.

If you are a novice skater or player—or even if you’ve never set foot on the ice a day in your life, we can help get you involved in one of the greatest sports in the world today. Nothing beats the feel of the ice beneath your feet. I promise you that the first time you take that first pass around the ice with your stick and puck you will be forever changed.

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