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Ready to play hockey in Los Alamos this year, but not sure you have every step done?
1. Register with USA Hockey.  Cost is $55 for those born before 2010.  No cost for 2010 and younger.  Receive confirmation email including current year confirmation number--combination of 9 digits plus the first 5 letters of last name.
2. Register with LAHA. Once done you should receive a confirmation email from LAHA. Notices of unpaid balances will be sent shortly.
3. Buy a rink pass from the County. The County will issue you a picture ID to be scanned every time you enter the rink, and is good for public skate sessions as well as LAHA practices & games.  Buying a pass requires completing a new Recreation Division release of liability form.
4. Complete the Player Code of Conduct form.  Turn in at the first practice to the coach, team manager, or the LAHA drop off box in the coaches shed.
1. New-to-LAHA player, attend a Parent Awareness meeting.
2. Complete the Consent to Treat and Parent Code of Conduct forms and turn in at practice.
1. Rent equipment, as needed.  Cost is $50 for a complete set (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants and shin guards).  Let the , a coach, or board member know if you still need equipment or are having problems with your current gear.
2. Skates
3. Stick
4. Hockey socks, or something suitable to cover shin guards and take a beating on the ice.
5. Jersey.  At the first practice, ATOMS will be given a jersey to keep permanently.  A new policy this year requires all NMRHL/HOUSE/MSGHL players to purchase a new LAHA jersey set ($65), which is to be worn for for HOUSE, NMRHL and MSGHL games. Any travel teams will also use these new jersey.
6. Consider optional protective gear like an athletic supporter and cup/pelvic protector, and mouthguard (required for those born 2001 and earlier).
7. Consider undergarments, like thermal underwear or cotton pajamas, crew-length socks, garter belt or hockey jock shorts to hold up hockey socks, etc.
1. Register with USA Hockey.  Cost is $45.  LAHA will apply a $45 credit to your family balance to offset this fee.
2. Register with LAHA.  No cost.
3. Get a coach rink pass from the County.  No cost.  The picture ID must be scanned every time you attend a practice or game.
4. Complete the Participant Code of Conduct form and turn in at practice.
5. Attend a CEP clinic
·       Level 1, Level 2 or first-time Level 3 (click here for schedule). Register for the Taos clinic on USA Hockey’s website.
·       Level 3 online recertification.
6. Get equipment:  helmet, gloves, skates and stick.  Consider optional protective equipment like shin guards, elbow pads, athletic supporter and cup/pelvic protector, etc.
1. Register with USA Hockey as an official.
2. Attend a referee seminar. Click here for information.
3. Take the online exam.
4. Get equipment:  helmet, skates, referee sweater, pants, and whistle.  LAHA has some of this gear for resale.  Consider additional protective gear, like shin guards, elbow guards, girdle, athletic supporter and cup/pelvic protector.
5. Complete the Participant Code of Conduct form and turn in at practice.
Game time volunteer
1. Attend the off-ice official seminar (TBA).  Learn how to score the game, run the clock, or work the penalty box.
Check the Master Schedule and team web page on the LAHA site for the most up-to-date schedule for practices and games.