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Who is the NE Wolfpack and how are they organized?  NE Wolfpack is the Northeast Wolfpack Youth Club.  The WOLFPACK are a non-profit association and is administered by an elected volunteer executive board. The elected board is made up of a President, Vice President’s, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also a number of elected board members.
Where are the Wolfpack located?  Our mailing address is: 18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd #108 #161 Denver, Co 80249

When is the Wolfpack football season?  The Wolfpack are part of the larger Jefferson County Midget Football Association (JMFA).  The season runs from early August until late November.  Children are divided into teams based on their grade level, 2nd grade through 8th grade.
Are the Wolfpack just a football organization? No, the Wolfpack currently offer four sports. They are seasonal, but the Wolfpack are a year around youth sports organization. Offering competitive developmental opportunities for kids ages 4-15 (no high school kids allowed to participate).
How do I register my child to play football?  Registration can be completed online or walk-up.  Online registration starts as early as May 1st and can be completed through the website at www.fnejets.com. A special walk-up registration date will take place every year, date and location TBA.  (see important dates below and/or on the website).
How much does football cost? The cost of registration is $75.  There is also the possibility of a uniform fee.

Are there other requirements?  (1) Each player must receive a physical examination before he/she is eligible to participate in any practice or games.  The physical examination may be obtained from your physician or at the time of registration.  (2) An original birth certificate must be copied by a Jets Board member along with a copy of current school enrollment with grade placement.  These documents will be kept in the player’s packet.
What equipment does my child need?  Each child will need practice pants and jersey, as well as shoulder pads, cleats and helmet.  We provide different events to help with this including an exchange.
How does my child get placed on a team?  Players are assigned a team based on grade each year.  If there is 2 teams within the same age group then we may/maynot hold a draft.
When are practices and games?  There are typically 3 practices and one game per week.  Games are typically held on Saturday, although in some cases games are scheduled during week due to field availability and other schedule logistics.  Teams are scheduled to play 8 games for the season. 
What if my child has never played football before?  For all 4th through 8th grade players who are new to tackle football, Wolfpack coaches are second to none when it comes to ensuring a proper football education no matter the knowledge level.