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Little Legends Rules

Updated: 7/24/2014

1.         Ball Size Rule A 28.5” basketball will be used for grades 6 and below.  A 29.5” ball will be used for grades 7 and above.

2.         Basket Height Rule - A standard 10’ rim will be used for grades 3-12.  The rim will be lowered (if feasible) to 8 feet for second grade.

3.         Bench Location Rule - The home team sits on the right side of the scorekeeper’s table (while standing on the court facing the scorekeeper’s table).

4.         Casts and Jewelry Rule - A hard cast/brace may not be worn on the elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm, even if covered with soft padding.  Hard cast/braces on the upper arm or shoulder must be padded.  Jewelry is not permitted.

5.         Defense Rule Zone or man-to-man defense is allowed.

6.         Dunking Rule – Dunking or hanging on rims is strictly forbidden.  If a dunk is attempted, or a player hangs on a rim, a technical foul will immediately be called, and the basket voided.  If anything is damaged, the cost will be charged to the player.

7.         Ejection Rule An ejection will result in a one-game suspension at the recommendation of the referees and discretion of the Commissioner.  The suspension will be the next game (playoff or not).  Two ejections in a single season will warrant removal of that player for the remainder of the season with no refund.

8.         Fill-in Rule – Non-Legends players (those who have not registered or paid themselves) cannot play in any Legends game - this includes substituting for a Legends player who cannot make the game.

9.         Foul Line Rule A 12’ foul line can optionally be used for grades 4 and below.  A 15’ (standard) foul line will be used for grades 5 and above.

10.      Foul Shot Rule - Standard high school rule applies (off the rim).

11.      Full Court Press Rule – Full court press is only allowed in the fourth quarter for grades 3-6.  It is always allowed for grades 7-8.

12.      Game Clock Rule – There are four (4) 8-minute quarters in a game, and the clock stops on all whistles for the last two minutes of each quarter and overtime periods.

13.      Mercy/Sportsmanship Rule - If a team is winning by 20 points, there will be a running clock instead of stopping for the last two minutes of each quarter.  In addition, full court press is no longer allowed by the leading team. If the team still presses, the referee will issue one warning.  On subsequent offenses, technical fouls will be issued.

14.      Overtime Rules - If after regulation time, the game is tied, one 3-minute overtime will be used to break the tie.  Each team also will have one timeout per team.  If there is a risk of running out of gym time, the referees can modify these rules to speed the overtime and finish the game.

15.      Playoff Forfeit Rule – During playoffs a team forfeits if it has less than 4 players to start.  A 5 minute grace period will be allowed.

16.      Rotation Rule – Players must not sit for more than approximately every 4 minutes, as coaches are responsible to make player rotations.  Rotations are allowed any time the referee blows the whistle (fouls, time-outs, traveling calls, etc.).  Players ready to rotate should go to the clock desk and make sure the person running the clock knows of the impending rotation.  The referees will see a player ready to enter the game and allow this upon the next whistle.  During two-shot fouls, the rotation should take place after the first foul shot.  It is up to the opposing coach to point a violation to the referee, and the referee will warn the coach.  Subsequent violations will result in technical fouls.

17.      Sneaker Rule - All players must wear non-marking basketball sneakers.

18.      Substitution Rule - During the regular season there are no forfeits. Teams who have less than 5 players may borrow players from the opposing team or a same-division team to get to 5 players.  If a 5-man team wishes to add one or more subs, or a player from a higher division, the opposing coach must agree.  In general, a player from a higher division should only be added to get to 5 players and no more.

19.      Three-Point Shot Rule – Three-point shots will be counted if the gym floor is properly marked.

20.      Timeouts Rule - Two time-outs per half are allowed, but cannot be carried over to the second half.

21.      Uniform Rule All players must play with the official Legends Basketball League uniform unless the entire team brings their own uniforms (must be league-approved before the season starts).  During the regular season, a technical foul will be assessed for every player not in full Legends uniform.  For playoffs, players will not be allowed to play. The home team wears white and the visiting wear red uniforms.

22.      Unsportsmanlike Rule - No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated from players, coaches, or fans. Rough play or flagrant fouls at any time is forbidden.  If the conduct of a player, coach, or fan is deemed unsportsmanlike, malicious, or too aggressive by the referee, the player, coach, or fan will either receive a warning with a technical foul or be ejected from the game/gym depending on severity (See Ejection Rule, above).  The commissioner may also ban any player or coach from the league if the on or off-court actions are deemed inappropriate, unsportsmanlike, or threatens the concept of safety and sportsmanship of the league. 

23.      Water Rule - Only water is allowed in the gyms and hallways. No food or drink (other than water) may be brought into the school.

24.      High School Rules - All other rules if not specifically stated above will follow standard high school basketball rules.