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Winter conditions can make getting to the rink hazardous.

If bad weather occurs, please use the following guidelines for determining whether a game should be played.

1. If the ice rink continues to stay open, every reasonable attempt should be made to play the scheduled game. Contact the ice rink to find out if it has been closed to bad weather.

2. Ultimately, the decision to travel in bad weather should be made by each family.

3. If the coach of a team determines that the weather is too bad for a reasonable numbers to get to the rink, he will be responsible for contacting the team players and advising them that the game is cancelled. The coach or his representative must also contact the hosting ice rink and let them know that the team will not be playing due to weather.

4. If a game is cancelled due to bad weather, there will be an attempt to reschedule, however, due to ice availability limitations, the NPSHL may determine that the game will not be rescheduled and thus, won't be included in the division standings.

5. Email and inform the league if you can not make a scheduled game due to bad weather.
If there are further questions, please notify the NPSHL.