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Background and Daily Operations

The Olentangy Swim Association (OSA) is a community pool with open membership, generally for residents of the Olentangy School District and employees of the Village of Powell.  OSA operates as a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization.  Our primary purpose is to educate the public as to the health benefits of swimming, to promote and educate the public, especially children, in all aspects of water safety and to encourage the establishment, organization and development of recreational facilites by public authorities.

From 1995 to 2004, new members were required to pay a one-time membership fee in addition to annual dues.  These fees were structured as a bond purchase and helped support the planning, construction (Charter Members) and ongoing expenses related to running the pool (Equity Members).

In 2004, the Association Charter was changed in an effort to ensure the pool remained a viable community asset.  As a result, the one-time membership fee (bond) was no longer required to join the pool.  In an effort to compensate Charter and Equity Members for their original bond purchase, these groups pay a discounted rate on Annual Dues and receive priority membership renewals each year.

Membership is limited to approximately 800 families annually to make for a safe, uncrowded atmosphere. 

Olentangy Swim Association is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and essential staff members hired by the board to ensure smooth operations.

The swimming complex is comprise of two separate pools.  The main pool is divided into three areas, 1) kiddie area for infants and toddlers 2) zero entry area with mushroom waterfall and lemon drop water features and 3) the competition area which has eight twenty-five meter lanes.   At the far end of the competition area is a 165 ft water slide.

Adjacent to the main pool is the diving well.  The diving well is 16ft deep and has two 1-meter spring boards and 1-three meter spring board.

The pool opens annually on the Saturday before Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day.

To learn about the most recent projects and enhancements, as well as projections and plans for future projects, click on a link below.