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Lacrosse Equipment

Just like with most sports, there are several manufacturers that make a wide range of lacrosse sticks and equipment with a very wide range of price levels.  Several of the major manufacturers that offer a complete selection of sticks and equipment include Brine, STX, Warrior, and deBeer.  There are also several other companies that specialize in helmets (Cascade), or shafts (Harrow).  There is a lot of new technology and materials being used today that really drive up the prices of some of the top-end equipment.  These can be nice to have, but are not necessary to play the game safely.
Local stores that carry a full-line of lacrosse sticks and equipment include: Play It Again Sports (new and used equipment), Disco Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, and The Lacrosse Cage.  There are also several mail-order catalogs and many on-line stores (just do a search for lacrosse equipment on the internet and see!).

The Club does not provide equipment and players are responsible for their own equipment.  One exception to this is the goalie position. 

Boys Lacrosse
  • Lacrosse Stick - made up of two parts, the head or crosse, which is the top part where the ball is caught, and the shaft, which is the pole attached to the head.  Prices can start around $50-$60, and go all the way up to $150-$200 for top of line.  Normal, "short" sticks are used for the midfield and attack positions; longer shafts, or long-poles, are used by the defense, and goalies use a specialized stick with a much wider head and deeper pocket.  New players that are not sure what position they will play should start with a short stick.
  • Helmet - prices on new helmets range from $100 to over $200.  Used helmets can be found for around $50-$60 at times.  This is usually the most expensive piece of equipment.  Sizes depend on the make of the helmet.  Most come in L/XL, which will fit most high school kids, and S/M, which will fit younger, middle school players. 
  • Gloves - can be found anywhere from $40-$50 for entry level gloves, up to $150+ for top of the line.  Sizes are usually in inches, with 13" or large for high school, and 12" or medium for middle school and smaller players. 
  • Shoulder Pads - prices range from about $40 up to $125, depending on the pad.  Some pads offer more or less protection around the top of the arms.  Sizes are Large for high school, and Medium for middle school.
  • Arm Pads - start around $30 up to $100.  Come in Large and Medium sizes. 
  • Goalie Equipment - Goalies are required to wear a chest protector and a throat guard, along with the normal gloves, helmet and goalie stick.  The Club will provide chest protectors, throat guards, and goalie sticks to any player interested in playing or trying goalie.
  • Mouth guards are also needed for every player, and will be provided by the club.
  • Cleats, such as football or soccer cleats, are highly recommended. 

Girls Lacrosse
  • Lacrosse Stick - see below for more detail and information on girls lacrosse sticks
  • Goggles - mandatory eye protection.  Several different models - get whatever is most comfortable to you.
  • Mouth guards are also needed for every player, and will be provided by the club.
  • Cleats are also highly recommended.
Purchasing A Girls Stick

If you are in the market for a new stick our coach's recommendation is one of the deBeer models discussed below. After a lot of research, playing with demo models, and talking with other lacrosse people, it’s clear that deBeer offers the best complete stick at all levels of play.

What sets a deBeer apart from the other sticks is the combination of their head and pocket design. The low sidewall on the head allows for the pocket to be adjusted so that it is deeper, but still legal. This allows for improved cradling and control. The pocket itself has 4-5 separate runner strings that also allow for customization of the pocket.

The deBeer shafts all have a new design which is more technical than I can explain, but I like the way it plays. They also have the soft feel shafts, which are much nicer to grip in colder weather.

When selecting a stick, make sure you choose the Trakker Pro or Trigger pockets option.

Listed below are a few of the places these sticks can be purchased on-line or in town.
They have the complete line of deBeer models. The descriptions on the attached pages are from this site.
They are having a sale right now on a few of the models. Some of them are new and some are older clearance models. Read carefully. Also, the color selection is limited.
They do not carry a complete selection, and are limited in colors. Occasionally you can find one or two of these sticks in the store.
In town:
The Lacrosse Cage –
Phone # - 794-1268
They are located in Midlothian.