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Financial Assistance Programs

Warriors Lacrosse Club's mission is to grow the sport of lacrosse and introduce as many kids as possible to the sport of lacrosse.  We do not want money or the cost of our programs to prevent anyone from playing lacrosse.  We understand that financial hardships may arise, or that parents/families may not have the money to pay for the program in full by the due date.  We've established a Payment Plan Program that should help with these situations.

Payment Plan Request Form
The Payment Plan Program offers parents and families a couple of different options for when payments are made.  To request participation in this program, the Payment Plan Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Club.  The form can be completed online using the link below, or by using the "Online Forms" button, or the form can be downloaded from the "Documents" page on the website.
Warriors Lacrosse Club reserves the right to approve or deny any requests. All requests will be reviewed by the President, and may also be reviewed by the Board of Directors. All requests and information will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the Board of Directors. Parents will be notified as soon as possible with the Club’s decision to approve or deny request. 

Payment Plan Request Form

W.L.C. Scholarships
Warriors Lacrosse also offers scholarships for financial assistance.  These scholarships will be used to waive the registration costs associated with our programs.  These will be granted to participants that would not be able to participate without this assistance due to a financial hardship or other situation.  Each scholarship application will be held strictly confidential and will only be reviewed by the President and the Board of Directors.  To apply for a scholarship, please click on the link below.  To find out more information or if you have any questions, please email John Zaudtke at , or call 398-1250.

Scholarship Application Form