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NPSHL Body Checking Rule 



Enacted prior to the 2012/2013 season, the North Puget Sound Hockey League (NPSHL) removed body checking from all levels of play.  This decision was based on discussions between Seattle Junior Hockey Association, Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association, current North Puget Sound Hockey League associations, North Puget Sound Hockey League Commisioner, and USA PNAHA Chief of Referees regarding body checking as a necessary component at the recreational or “C” levels.  The reasons for moving to a non-checking league include:

·         decreases injuries, particularly head contact and concussions;

·         keeping more players in the game longer

·         addresses the 3 year age difference between Midget players;

·         promotes skill development

·         greater alignment with Canadian league rules (Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey in B.C. recently eliminated body checking at all “C” levels).

The extensive hockey community, including USA hockey, most Canadian Provinces, and the NHL, has spent a vast amount of time and energy researching the issues facing our game.  Head injuries and concussions are commonly in the headlines and most parties are in agreement that concussions are cumulative.  The reduction of head injuries is the primary reason that these steps are to be taken; that is, to protect our players.

Body contact will still be allowed and encouraged as per USA hockey rules.

For further information please contact your association's director.