Inifinity Youth Sports offers recreational and competitive sports to the youth of New Mexico, ages 3-16. Our sports include tball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Infinity Youth Sports is also home of the Southwest Gridiron Conference, a division of U

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How does IYS 3on3 Basketball run?
  • IYS 3on3 Basketball focuses on both skill building and competitive situations.  In order to achieve this, participants spend the first part of their 90 minute session developing fundamentals and skills needed for basketball. During the last part of their session, they are divided into 3-man teams and play 3on3 games.  This format allows for not only optimal learning, but also equal playing time.  

Where are the games held?
  • Games are held at the JCC. However, locations can vary.

What days are the games played on?
  • Games can be played on Saturdays or Sundays; it depends on the season.

How long is the season?
  • 6 sessions. The Summer 2013 Season is July 13- August 10.

My child wants to play with a friend.  Is that possible?
  • Yes, you can make a friend request.  Friend requests are only honored as long as the friend is in the same age-appropriate division as your child and as long as there is space for the session.

What does my registration fee cover?
  • Registration fees cover the cost of the practice gym rental at (1) hour per week, the cost of the weekly game facility rental, player and facility insurance, custom uniforms, equipment, referees, facility staff, and various operating expenses.

What kind of uniform does my child receive? Is it extra or included in the cost?
  • Children receive a customized reversible jersey.  It is included in the cost of the registration and is not extra.  

Can I exchange my uniform?
  • Exchanges are not allowed as uniforms are custom-ordered.  If you decide you need another uniform due to personal reasons, there will be an additional charge.  

Can we wear different uniforms other than what the league provides?
  • No.

How many seasons of basketball are there in a year?
  • IYS runs 2-3 seasons of basketball per year.

Are refunds or credits allowed?
  • Neither refunds nor credits are given.

Do you offer payment plans?
  • Yes, we do.  Please contact the office for specifics. 

What is league age?  
  • League age is the age you are on August 1, 2012 for the 2012-2013 sports year.  That age is "frozen" for the entire year and that is the age that you are for that particular sports year.  

Why does IYS use league age?
  • IYS uses league age in order to allow players to play with their same team for an entire year thereby reinforcing the concepts of team bonding and team cohesion.

My child is 8 on August 1, 2012 but then turns 9 three weeks later. How do you determine what his league age is?
  • Because he was 8 on 8/1/12, his league age is 8.  Although he turned a year older a few weeks later, his age on 8/1/12 is the determining factor for placement for the 2012-2013 sports year. 

If a child has a birthday after the cut-off date and turns a year older, does he have to move up a division?
  • No.  All that matters is the age he was on the cut-off date (8/1/12).  Children do not move up divisions due to birthdays during the year or else we would be reorganizing teams each week.  It is similar to the school year cut-off - if a child turns a year older, they do not automatically move up to the next grade the next day.