Inifinity Youth Sports offers recreational and competitive sports to the youth of New Mexico, ages 3-16. Our sports include tball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Infinity Youth Sports is also home of the Southwest Gridiron Conference, a division of U

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tackle Football

Below are some frequently asked quesitons about the Southwest Gridiron Football Conference. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us by CLICKING HERE.

Where are the games held?

  • Games are held at various parks within Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and Los Lunas. Locations will vary per season.

What days are the games played on?

  • Games are generally played on Saturdays.  Reschedules can happen on other days, including Sundays, if necessary.  If dual weekends are being played, then games will be scheduled on Sundays.

How long are games?

  • An hour and 15 minutes or 50 minutes depending on age division.  Players are required to arrive to the field an hour before game time.

Where are practices?

  • Practices are at local parks. IYS does its best to organize practices within the zip code.   Teams are assigned to their practice area by IYS.  

How often are practices?

  • Practices vary during the week but most practices for football are between 3-4 times and generally last 2 hours.  Practices generally begin 4 weeks before the season.  


When can teams begin practice?

  • Teams can begin practice once the league has confirmed registration and field assignments.  Teams are not allowed to practice until registrations are conducted.


Does my child have to attend every practice?

  • Yes. Due to the physical requirements of the game and concern for all players' safety, players need to attend all practices. Depending on your team there may be disciplinary actions due to absence at practices.


How long is the season for divisions Freshmen-Seniors?  How long is the season for Bandit Division?

  • A total of 8 games -  7 regular season games and 1 play-off game for Freshmen Division-Senior Division.  Post-season is determined by record and can last several weeks past the 8 week mark.
  • Due to their age and younger maturity level, the Bandits season is 8 games - 7 regular season games and 1 bowl game.  Because score is not officially kept for the Bandits, their post-season consists of a bowl game played in the stadium.  Bowl games can take place on either the 9th or 10th week and are determined by the Board of Directors during each respective season.

How are teams formed?

  • Teams are formed by the following:  coach recruitment, coach request, zip code and neighboring zip code of the free agent.   Teams can also be formed by and friend requests pending availability and Board Approval.

What is a free agent?

  • Free agents can be defined in 2 different ways:

  • incoming registrants that are looking for a team;

  • the term used to describe players in between season

Can you switch teams as a player?

  • You cannot switch teams during the season.  If, after the season is over, you desire a team switch, please let the office know so that you can be reassigned as a free agent.

Are divisions formed by age and weight?

  • NO. Divisions are only formed by age within Infinity Youth Sports we do not form divisions by weight. Remember, their are not any weight classes in High School, prepare your child now so they can have an edge on the next level. 


Can my child play up a division to play with his friends?

  • Yes, your child can play up a max of one division. i.e. - A freshman can play up to the sophomore division.


Can my child play down a division?

  • No child may play down a division due to size. If a parent feels their child should play down, please email the Board of Directors for review. 


Does my child need an ID for tackle?

  •  Yes.  A player ID is REQUIRED for playing in IYS.  This ID consists of a photo and the player's birth date.  The ID is a hard plastic card that is kept by the office for weekly check-ins at game sites.  The cost of player ID is $20.  Payments are made on a separate basis from registration fees.  Ids are purchased only once for a sports year.  Ours IDS also contains special scan code that is linked to the National UYFL office/database so that a player's information can be scanned and verified by a third party when necessary.  For additional information on IDs, please refer to the rule book.

What additional equipment is needed for tackle?

  • Tackle players are responsible for owning their own pads, pants, and helmets.  In addition, mouthpieces are required as well as cups and cleats.  Please keep in mind that referees will conduct mouthpiece and pad checks before each game to ensure safety.  IF your player is found to be without ANY protective gear, the referee can determine whether to sit the individual player out for the game or the entire team out for the whole game.  IF the entire team is sat out for the whole game, it will be a forfeit.

Who are the coaches?

  • Coaches are parent volunteers.  IYS firmly believes in the positive aspects of children and parents being able to bond through the child/coach relationship.

How can I become a coach?

  • Prospective coaches will need to complete a coach application and background check.  Additional training is required for tackle coaches as well - please contact the office.

How much is a background check for coaches? 

  • Background checks are $20 and they are valid for 2 years.  Our background checks are performed through a national database, not just a local, state-wide database.  Currently, the league partners with NCSI, National Center for Safety Initiatives for all background checks.  The only background check that is accepted is the one that is conducted by NCSI for IYS.  We will not accept any other background check in lieu of the requirement.

Can coaches recruit players for a team and/or bring in a formed team?

  • Yes, coaches can recruit players that are within their divisional age and/or bring in fully formed teams.  Please see rule book for guidelines.

Can coaches recruit players during the season?

  • Absolutely not.  Any coach who is found to be recruiting illegally or poaching will be subject to disciplinary procedures which can include but are not limited to: suspensions, post-season elimination, loss of team, and/or expulsion.

Can I request a particular team or coach for my child?

  • Yes, as long as the coach or team that you are requesting is in your child's age division, you are within the registration time frame, the team is accepting players, and it is approved by the Board of Directors.

Can a team stay together from season to season?

  • Yes, they can stay together as long as they are in the appropriate age division and register together.

My child wants to play with a friend.  Is that possible?

  • Yes, you can make a friend request.  Friend requests are only honored as long as 1) the friend is in the same age-appropriate division as your child, 2) the coach is accepting new players, and 3) as long as there is room on the team.

Can a team "save" spots for a player that has not registered yet?

  • No.  Teams are not allowed to save spots for players who have yet to register.  We highly suggest you register as soon as possible for the team that you are requesting.

What does my registration fee cover?

  • Registration fees cover the cost of the practice fields per week, the cost of the weekly game facility rentals, player and facility insurance, referees, field equipment, field painting, paint, facility staff, and various operating expenses.

Can I pay my registration through my child's coach?

  • You may drop off your child's registration to your coach but your payment MUST be given to the office in the original form that it was received.  For example, if you are paying with a credit card, you will need to register online; not give your coach your credit card.  If you are paying by cash or check, we will need to receive the payment in that original form.

Does my child receive a uniform? 

  • Tackle players do not receive jerseys from the league itself due to the fact that each team custom designs their own jersey.  

Is there an approved vendor for uniforms?

  • Yes. Please email Infinity Youth Sports for a list of vendors that are allowed to be used for uniforms. 

Can we use other vendors?

  • Vendors must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Can we put names on our uniform?

  • Yes.  However, only last names or the name of the team are allowed.  Nicknames will not be allowed.  Professional appearance is highly valued in IYS.

Why doesn't IYS provide pads to players?

  • In the order of safety, it is recommended that players own their own equipment to prevent undue wear and tear that is often seen with leagues who "lend" equipment year after year.  Aside from player safety, there is also hygiene component that should be of utmost importance to parents.


How many season of football is there in a year?

  • IYS runs 2 seasons of tackle per year. Spring and Fall

Who referees the tackle games?

  • IYS uses Albuquerque Football Officials Association (AFOA).  The referee crew is comprised of men and women who have numerous years of experience in refereeing New Mexico high school football games as well as D1 games.  Referees from the AFOA are put through rigorous training and testing in order to be qualified for such a difficult job.

Are refunds or credits allowed?

  • Neither refunds nor credits are given.

Do you offer payment plans?

  • Yes, we do.  Please contact the office for specifics as the dates are season-dependent. 

What is a team contract?

  • Team contracts are agreements between parents, players, and coaches in which the team expectations are outlined.  Team expectations generally cover the areas of behavior, practice attendance, school requirements, etc.  The league strongly encourages all coaches to have a team contract and stands behind them once the office has reviewed and approved them.

What is league age?  

  • League age is the age you are on August 1, 2012 for the 2015-2016 sports year.  That age is "frozen" for the entire year and that is the age that you are for that particular sports year.  

Why does IYS use league age?

  • IYS uses league age in order to allow players to play with their same team for an entire year thereby reinforcing the concepts of team bonding and team cohesion.  League age is a typical characteristic of year-round sports leagues.

My child is 8 on August 1, YYYY but then turns 9 three weeks later. How do you determine what his league age is?

  • Because he was 8 on 8/1/YYYY, his league age is 8.  Although he turned a year older a few weeks later, his age on 8/1/YYYY is the determining factor for placement for the current sports year. 

If a child has a birthday after the cut-off date and turns a year older, does he have to move up a division?

  • No.  All that matters is the age he was on the cut-off date (8/1).  Children do not move up divisions due to birthdays during the year or else we would be reorganizing teams each week.  It is similar to the school year cut-off - if a child turns a year older, they do not automatically move up to the next grade the next day.


Is the league age cut-off the same as the school year age cut-off?

  • No, the league cut-off is August 1 whereas most public schools have their cut-off in September.  Therefore, age and grade comparisons are inaccurate when done on individual basis.

What is the difference between Infinity Youth Sports and Southwest Gridiron Football?

  • None.  Infinity Youth Sports is the parent company; Southwest Gridiron is the name of our tackle/cheer conference that we represent which is part of United Youth Football League.

How do play-offs work in the post-season?

  • Play-offs are single elimination brackets in which the highest seeds play the lowest seeds based on record. If there are 6 teams in a division, the 1st seed will play the 6th seed, 2nd will play 5th and so on. All teams are allowed to compete in play-off games.

Are teams required to fundraise?

  • Team Fundraising is optional per each individual team.  However, parents must keep in mind that not only is tackle an expensive sport but coaches are not responsible for financially providing for each tackle player on the team once extras have been decided upon.  Fundraising covers team bonding events, team dinners, banquets, team trophies, gifts, etc.  It is important that all participants realize that it is a team effort both on and off the field where our children's desires are concerned.  To that point, the only person who will suffer from a non-involved sports parent is the child.


Are league fundraisers mandatory?

  • Yes, at different times, Infinity Youth Sports will host different mandatory league fundraisers. These fundraisers are mandatory participation. NO Exceptions. More information will be provided at the time of the fundraiser for more information. 


Does IYS host tournaments?

  • Yes, IYS does host tournaments.  Tournaments are different from post-season Super Bowls in that Super Bowls are part of regular season play whereas tournaments are independent functions that are not included in the regular season price.

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