Shrewsbury Youth Lacrosse (SYL) - Massachusetts

Rule Changes for 2014 Season


MBYLL Classic AND MBYLL Select play by the same rules, HOWEVER, MBYLL Classic teams have the option to waive non-safety related rules during the mandatory pre-game meeting IF both head coaches agree and the official is told before the start of the Classic game. Example: U13 MBYLL Classic game, teams can waive the 20 10 second count.


For U13: up to (4) tiger poles up to 60" allowed on field at anytime during game.


Any take out check is an automatic 2 or 3 minute unsportsmanlike penalty. Remove the 1 minute option for the Official, since under current rules the Ref can assess his choice of 1, 2 or 3 minutes.


For MBYLL Classic games only: 6 goal lead, trailing team receives ball at midfield and face-offs are suspended--unless waived by trailing team--until goal margin returns to 5 goals or less.


If any team gains a 12 goal lead after the first half, game clock goes to running time and the clock will only be stopped for a team time-out, official’s time-out or an injury time-out. MBYLL pre-game checklist should still include text: If any team gains a 12 goal lead, then the coach of the lead team should make discrete adjustments (i.e. STRONGLY encourage his players to use their off-hand, 3-passes before any shot, play new position, etc.). This rule would apply to Classic and Select, as it does to High School.


Substitutions: allow substitution on sideline only out-of-bounds ball (never on end line out-of-bounds ball) at all levels of play. NFHS rule change has proposed NO sub HORN on side OR end line out-of-bounds ball in 2014 (see below) for all levels. Proposal to continue to allow substitution HORN on any sideline out-of-bounds ball (in addition to dead ball, time-out, injury, etc as is usual) at ALL levels of Youth lacrosse: U15, U13, U11, U9. An Amendment was proposed to keep the horn at end lines for U11 and U9.


For the U9 level No Downward Checks rule, replace the wording of "No Downward Check" with "No aggressive stick checks (regardless of whether it's downward, upward, or horizontal)".



MBYLL Regional Meeting, January 17, 2013:

  • The U11 one pass rule now requires one completed  pass fully in the offensive zone.   If a ride turnover occurs where the ball does not go over the mid-field line, a  pass is not required.
  • The field dimension for 7 plus a goalie is flexible, but typically you will use the wings as the width of the field and push the goals up towards the top of the box and use cones for the end lines.  More to come on this when we line the fields in the spring.
  • Some of the other regions (we are West Central Region) did not adopt the 8 vs. 8 rule, and will be playing on a full field this season.   If you play a cross-region game, the home team will determine the rules used.
  • Since different regions/programs go by different rules, it is imperative that you meet with both the referee and other coach before the game to go over the rules being used so everyone is on the same page.
  • As always, there must be at least 1 certified coach on the sidelines for every game. If you need certification, a nearby clinic is scheduled for March 12 at Algonquin High School from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.  More info to come.