We are a youth rugby club established in 2006, offering a year-round tackle rugby program for youth, middle school, and high school boys and girls.

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IRB Rugby World Rankings

IRB Rugby World Cup, New Zealand, Sep-Oct 2011

The Haka, the classic New Zealand All Blacks opener

Traditional NZ haka, NZ v. France, 2004
The "new" NZ haka, NZ v. S Africa
Haka, NZ v. Australia
Scoring the Try: the be-all-end-all of playing rugby
"Greatest Try of All Time," Barbarians v. NZ, 1973
Big Hits
It’s crucial to note that a good many of these "hits" are illegal and dangerous and are grounds for sending the player off immediately. While there are many examples of truly heavy-duty legal rugby tackles, all tackles shown where a tackling player
· does not wrap with one or both arms
· delivers a blow with an arm, forearm or shoulder
· tackles a player in the air
· tackles above the line of the shoulders
are illegal, and should not be emulated. All illegal forms of contact will not be tolerated by Fort Hunt Rugby.
Miscellaneous big hits (most are legal)
Australian rugby hits (most are legal, many are from rugby league)
Big rugby hits (most are legal)
one big hit (legal tackle)
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