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Kings Park Soccer Club Referee Clinic Class 2016

Tom Darmody, KPSC Referee Coordinator

Referee meeting on  at the KPHS at 6:30 for the Fall Season.

 Referees must join the KPSC Referee Email notification list by sending an email to the following address

The Kings Park Soccer Club holds an annual referee meeting available for players starting at age nine. Please contact our referee coordinator for more information regarding our referee program and clinics. You must attend the Mandatory Pre-Season KPSC Referee Meeting if you plan on reffing that season.
Kings Park Referee Program
Division HR -Payment AR - Payment
U6 In-House                         Head Referee $10 Assistant Referee (None)
U7 In-House Head Referee $15 Assistant Referee (None)
Interleague  U9 - U10 (SSI) Head Referee $20 Assistant Referee $10
Interleague U12 - U18 (SSI) Head Referee $30 Assistant Referee $20

                                                                                     *Per game



Please note the following;

1. All referees will be supervised by Tom Darmody. 
3. Upon receiving your assignments, if you have any conflicts please contact your supervisor immediately.
4. Please report to all games 10 minutes prior to the start of the game.
5. Failure to report to any games without prior approval will result in expulsion of refereeing privileges.

1. Is it safe?
First priority is safety! Anchor goals, remove field hazards. Corner flags safe? Never play in thunder and lightening. Control foul play. Treat all injuries as serious.

2. Know the rules?
Read, and re-read the book. Be comfortable with the Laws, and be ready for the odd situations.

3. Uniform and gear?
Show respect for the players and the game by arriving in the complete uniform. What to bring? Watch, whistle, pencil, paper, coins, water, jacket.

4. Field inspection?
Check goals, nets, corner flags (cones), proper lines, holes, rocks, sticks, glass. Check field even if another game has been played before yours.

5. Players?
No jewelry! No casts! No Metal hair clips. Nothing dangerous, at all, ever!

6. Start on time?
Check teams and pass cards early enough to get started on time. Previous game not finished? Check teams and have coin toss to the side of the field.

7. Pre-game speech?
They don’t need one! Ask if they have questions. Tell about anything unusual (like which lines you are using) and tell them enjoy the game. Never threaten “if you do this, I’ll do that”….

8. Strong signals?
Let everyone know what you call! Loud whistle, strong arm signals, clear voice.

9. Foul play?
Bring play under control early, players will be testing to see what you let them get away with early and escalate from there. Players crash into one another? Blow the Whistle. Stop fouls!



The Kings Park Soccer Club periodically offers referee clinics to review The Laws of the Game.

Referees may then choose to take a written exam.

All referees that pass the exam with a grade of "B"
will be entitled to referee one level up from their normal assignments.

All referees that pass the exam with a grade of "A"
will also receive a pay bonus for each game.

Review and Test dates and locations are as follows:

Coaches are welcome and encouraged to attend the Classroom Training Session