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CAS SOCCER is proud to be a partner of Kings Park Soccer Club

CAS SOCCER is an education and training organization whose mission is to promote and  develop both an understanding and      passion for the game of soccer in players of all ages.  The CAS SOCCER approach to player development is different from most   traditional soccer programs because of our style of coaching and unique methodology used in our program. We have devised a      Long Term Player Development Pathway (LTPDP). This long-term approach to developing players is not just another plan, but a      philosophy that is “process” orientated rather than “outcome” orientated.  We will give players of Kings Park the opportunity to          
grow and develop in an environment that promotes maximum participation, success, and most importantly enjoyment.
Developmental Training Program    
CAS SOCCER provides development opportunities for players starting at a young age. A player-centered, not a team-based, approach is used to develop the crucial set of skills and good training habits that are necessary for further development.
Our fundamental position is that, at this stage, soccer is a leisure activity. The success of player development and retention depends on giving the player skills that will allow them to enjoy themselves despite the results. 
We focus on individual skill development and delay teaching of complex strategy.  Players will be encouraged to play different positions allowing them to experience the game from many angles.

Travel Training Program  
Travel curriculum builds on the foundation of our developmental program.  We emphasize individual technical excellence, but continue the development of the player by introducing team concepts and complex aspects of the game.
In the CAS SOCCER approach, trainers shape and guide rather than direct. We understand that the skill and game-intelligence are more effectively developed by using adapted, game-related activities, then conventional drills. 
We will encourage players to take ownership of the game by increasing self-responsibility for preparation and discipline.

Individual Player and Small Group Clinics
Individual attention given by a professional soccer trainer is one of the most important components necessary for the proper development of a youth soccer player. It allows the trainer to focus entirely on the needs of the individual rather than the group. 
provides this service for players of all levels
Developmental Personal Training Clinic is designed to provide novice soccer players with access to trainers who will carry out a personalized player assessment and development program based on the player’s existing strengths and areas in need of improvement. Our trainers are very experienced working with individuals and closely monitor players’ progress toward meeting their performance goals.
Advanced Personal Training Clinic is geared toward  highly motivated players seeking accelerated progress in their skills. Sessions will be dynamic and fast paced and will cover all areas of technical development and tactical thinking.
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