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Kings Park Travel Soccer Program

                 The Kings Park Soccer Club provides training and player development to players to assist them in advancing to play at the highest levels of play available. The KPSC travel program is designed to be a competitive soccer program with teams playing other competitive teams throughout Long Island & the Metropolitan area. Most KPSC teams play in tournaments throughout the year here on Long Island,  but some teams periodically travel to more distant venues. Teams are formed by selecting players at public tryouts each spring. The players on travel teams range in age from 9 to 18. The Kings Park Soccer Club has had teams represented in some of the highest leagues in NY State such as the NERP (North Eastern Regional Premiere League and the RPL (Regional Premiere League).
                     Travel soccer teams involve a FULL YEAR commitment with the primary season in the fall. Teams practice and play throughout the summer, fall and spring, with teams practicing indoors during the winter. Weekend tournaments, outdoor and indoor, are part of team and player development . All KPSC teams should participate in the Kings Park Tournaments, as well as other tournaments throughout the year.





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Coaching Applications
Applications for Travel Team Head Coaching Positions are available here.
Applications are due May 15, 2014

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