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Club Uniforms: ALL Kings Park Soccer Club uniforms MUST be Maroon and White. They MUST have the Kings Park Logo on the front left chest and is required to be the size of the clubs patch. KPSC uniforms can not be any other color but Maroon and White  and under no circumstance may contain any sponsor name or sponsor logo. Uniforms should have a Maroon Jersey and Shorts and a White Jersey.
Resource Coordinator:  Request for Fields, gyms or use of any rooms for KPCSD, Town of Smithtown, or NYS Parks, goes only through the Resource coordinator, no one should be requesting anything directly themselves.
Practice Schedules: are also requested through Resource Coordinator - Request for field use must be e-mailed to Day, time and field included. 
 Fields that we have access to in the Fall for practice are: KPHS, Cy Donnelly, Fort Salonga and RJO all time requests should be from 5 pm or later for school fields, School teams ALWAYS have priority over our teams, do not argue with a school coach about field use if they are using it. Each team gets assigned 1/2 field for their allotted time.  
 Flynn Field gets added into the schedule mid to late October to November to use the lights, teams must be off the fields before 9 pm lights go off at 9 pm.  Flynn must also be requested we only get it a few nights out of the week.  Earlier times for younger teams, late times for older teams. Indoor gym space works the same way- request, we usually have WTR's on Sunday's from 9am -5pm this space is given to the older teams first and is shared by two teams.  Saturday we have Fort Salonga, Parkview and San Remo and Sunday's Parkview and San Remo.
In the Spring we have use of WTR's and Fort Salonga, Cy Donnelly.  Everyone gets assigned 1/2 field for their allotted time.  


   Guidelines for Kings Park Soccer Field Use


  • No team is allowed to practice or train at Tiffany Field. There are no exceptions.
  • Goals should never be moved. Only the training nets may be moved, and they should never be placed between the lines of the playing fields.
  • Teams are only to use the space they need. Under no circumstances are trainers or teams allowed to reserve a spot or equipment for another team or trainer
  • Clean up after yourselves, bottles, paper etc.
  • Take care of the goals, nets, flags and other equipment.
  • Do not block the gated entrance to the Fields from the parking lot. This is for Emergency Vehicles to access the field if ever needed. If any vehicle is left unattended, it may be towed at the owner's expense.
  • If you see a golfer playing on the fields please ask them to leave in a kind and courteous manner. This is for both safety & insurance purposes. If they refuse let them know that you will call the police.

The consequences for not following the rules below will vary from a warning to probation to being excluded from using the fields altogether (with the exception of games).



Inspection of Playing Site shall be the home team Coach or team manager with the Club’s designated governing authority’s responsibility to inspect the game field prior to the match.  In the event of bad weather, the Home Team Coach or team manger after inspection of the field, must notify a Club Official who will notify the League no later than 2 hours prior to the scheduled starting time of the match that field conditions may require postponement of the match.  Notification must be made a minimum of 2 hrs. prior to the scheduled kick off.  Within the 2 hr. time frame preceding the game, only the referee may cancel the game.