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2009 - 2010 DIVISION


In the 2009 - 2010 Divisions, scores are not recorded nor are any win/loss standings tracked. Games at this level of play are not about winning and losing. They are to teach children about the game of soccer while having fun. Therefore, all coaches, parents and players are expected to use good sportsmanship at all times.





Here are a few "Rules of Conduct" to follow as a coach in the 2009 - 2010 Division:





1     Running up scores will not be tolerated. Winning by more than 5 goals is considered running up the score. If you find yourself in a situation where you are  leading by 3 goals, you should begin to make accommodations to allow the other team to become more competitive. Some suggestions are:
      A.    Have your team pass to one another at least 3 times before allowing them to take a shot on goal. You can count them out so that they know how many  passes they still need. If the other team touches the ball your team has to start over at one. One coach suggested using "Spongebob Square Pass" as the key words. This also promotes good ball control.
      B.    Move higher skilled players to defensive positions or to goalie. All players should have the opportunity to play all of the positions, it will only increase their understanding of the game. You can also give the higher skilled players a break until the other team has a chance to get back into the game.
      C.    Remove a player from the field. Remove two players from the field if necessary, sometimes you have to go to extremes.
      D.    Make sure that all players get EQUAL playing time no matter what their ability may be.
2     There should be absolutely no taunting of players, arguing with referees or derogatory remarks made by coaches, parents or players. At the end of each game, both teams (including coaches) are to line up and shake hands. Only positive remarks such as "good game" or "nice job" should transpire between the players and coaches.

3     The referee is in control of the game at all times therefore, there will be zero tolerance for abusive behavior towards any referee by either coaches or parents. Coaches are responsible for controlling their parents. On that note, no coaches or parents are allowed on the playing field or by the goals.
4     Be sure that your players and parents understand what good sportsmanship is all about. Make sure that they know that everyone on both sides of the field is there to learn and have fun. Make sure that you set a good example.