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NPSHL.com Instructions for Coaches and Managers FAQ’s

Do I have an account yet?

·         Navigate to your team page by clicking on NPSHL teams and navigating to your team.

·         Click on the roster or contacts. You need to be listed there in order to have rights to modify your team pages. 

·         If not, then your association needs to submit their roster or add you to their roster.

·         Until you show up on the team contacts you will not have rights to modify team / game information.

How do I login to the website?

At the top right corner of the website there are boxes for email address and password. Enter those there and click on login.

How do I get my password?

The password is auto generated by the system.

You can enter your email address in the logon window and click on login and it will email you your password. You may then go in and modify your password if you chose.

I’m logged in but having troubles.

  • Ensure that your website account email address is unique.
  • i.e. don’t have the same email address on your spouse’s account who may be involved with another team on the site.
  • You can modify your account by logging in and clicking on “Edit my account”
  • Note that after editing your account you will need to log out and then login again in order to modify the team pages.

Allowing outsiders to email you

If the setting on your account for your email address is set to "Public" then on your team contact page an email icon will appear beside your name. Outsiders will be able to use that to submit an email to you through the website.

Your email address is not publicly displayed.

Assigning Player Numbers

  • Login to your account
  • Go to your team roster
  • There will be an Assign Jersey Numbers button at the top

Look at the team manager manual for instructions on how to do certain tasks

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the administration text at the top right corner.
  • You should now be on a page with lots of options.
  • In the bottom right section there is a support section and a link to the managers manual.

Game results reporting

  • Only NPSHL can enter scores/game results.  Please see the rules section for instructions on reporting your score/game result to NPSHL. 

Player stats

At the Squirt age level and older we are asking the teams to enter the player stats for their games.

To do so

  • Login to your account
  • Go to your team pages
  • Go to the results page
  • Enter the game score if not already done
  • Right beside the game edit button there should be another button that will allow you to enter the stats for the game.

Adding other team events

You may add other team events to your calendar but they will only allow the event type to be of type Practice. Use the various fields available to you to describe the event in more detail.