The mission of North River Lacrosse is to allow boys and girls with enthusiasm for lacrosse to play lacrosse and develop their skills throughout the summer, fall and winter.
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           Winter 2012-2013 Skills Clinics                 



North River Lacrosse (formally NLAX) will be hosting a boy’s lacrosse winter skills clinic series on Monday Nights at the South Shore Field House in Pembroke, MA. 

Chris McGuirk (Norwell Varsity Coach), Jake Jones (Marshfield Varsity Coach), and John Todd (Hingham Varsity Coach) will be the head instructors throughout the winter. 

Our clinics are unique in that each Clinic will focus specifically on one or more fundamental lacrosse skills.  Each skill will be broken down into a few basic (and coachable) elements, and then will be taught through explanation, demonstration, and drills.  As we build from week to week, we will recap what we have learned, introduce new skill elements, and play some “small-ball” to get the kids playing fast and smart. 
Starts Monday, Jan 7th, and continues next 10 Mondays with the last clinic on March 11th.
K-2nd Grade from 6:00-7:00PM  *   3rd-5th Grade from 7:00-8:00PM   *   6th-8th grade from 8:00-9:00PM
COST:  $200/player Maximum of 60  kids per clinic! – Price includes a reversible pinnie for each player!


The following is the official Clinic Schedule:
Clinic 1: (January 7): THROWING, CATCHING – We will break down the mechanics of throwing and catching to 3 or 4 basic elements that can be easily learned and applied.
Clinic 2: (Jan14 ): GROUND BALLS – Getting down to the basics of picking up a ground ball, bringing up to a cradle as quickly as possible and passing it up the field.  GET IT IN, GET IT UP, AND GET IT OUT!
Clinic 3: (Jan 21): DODGING – Focus the fundamentals of the split, face, and roll dodge.  Also introduce when/where to use each dodge in a game situation.
Clinic 4 (Jan 28): DEFENSIVE FOOTWORK, POSITIONING, AND STICK CHECKS - One-on-One defense is one of the most difficult facets of the game and often the most over looked (from a coaching standpoint).  We will focus on a few basic skills that can improve every player’s defensive foundation.
Clinic 5 (Feb 4): ONE-on-ONE’s – Building on each of the last two clinics, we will work specifically on dodging from different areas around the net (up top, behind, wing) and teach basic rules surrounding the offensive and defensive objectives in a one-on-one.
Clinic 6 (Feb 11): SHOOTING AND SCORING – We will look at shooting with a specific, and practical, understanding of how to score in different situations. 
Clinic 7, 8, and 9 (Feb 18, 25, Mar 4th):  RECAP CORE SKILLS & SMALL FIELD GAMES (PLAYING FAST AND SMART) – We will split into small groups and drill/play games that encourage playing fast and making quick decisions with and without the ball. 
Clinic 10 (March 11): DRILLS AND WORK-OUTS - We will introduce some fun and functional back yard drills, games, and work outs that will be fun but also keep the skills sharp in the offseason…  Parents encouraged to come to this one!
Other Notes: The clinics are meant to build on each other ∙  For the youngest kids (k- 2nd grade), we may adjust the above agenda to focus more on the most basic skills  ∙  We split the groups up based on ability and coach them accordingly (so experienced players get just as much out of it as beginners) ∙