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Important Registration and Account Management Tips


1.You will set up your family's account for the first time when you first register a child into one of 4PBA's programs.


2.The system first asks for "Guardian" information to be entered before you enter your child's information. This must be parent information.  The system then provides "Participant" screens.  This must be your child's information.  We've noticed a few examples of parent's entering their child's information within the "Guardian" screen.


3.We recommend you use the "Roster" Setting within your account, allowing your contact information to be shared with others on your child's team, based on viewing policy.


4.If you are planning to maintain an account within the site and registering your child for ANY of the programs, configure your settings to allow Email to be sent to you (or spouse).  If you do not, you will not receive valuable information and updates from 4PBA regarding the program your child is registered in.  There is a checkbox setting for "No Email" for everyone's account.  You must leave this setting unchecked to receive these valuable updates.


5.Once you create an account on the site, you never need to create another one.  Just continue to login with your user name and password to register your children for future programs with the click of a button! 


6.You can update your account at any time by going to “Home” and clicking “Edit my 4PBA Account”.  This is important to make sure you continue to receive important updates regarding programs.


7.4PBA requires payment via credit card during the Registration process in order to be confirmed for programs.  If you’re online payment does not go through, the system will email you letting you know your child’s registration has been deleted. 


8.If you have multiple participants to register you can click "Register Another", register all members and then pay for all at once. If you only have a single registration to complete, click "Pay Now" to pay electronically.


9.If you click "Add Child" after you have already logged into your account in preparation to start the registration process, this will not add an existing child to the registration.  Rather, the system will expect you to add a new child to your account.  You can do either, but please check to make sure you're not adding the same child twice to your account.


10.Check your account frequently during the season to make sure all information is up to date, their are no duplicate entries, and that your account is Paid in Full.  Check Spam folders if you think you’re not receiving emails.  4PBA’s main email is and you might also receive emails from .


The Registration Process (Sample Screenshots)

1. Click the Registration button to get started

To begin registering online, locate the Registration link. This can be a colored button on the right side of the Home page or click on "Online Registration" on the left side of the website.


2. Find your registration program and click Begin Registration

The registration page may have many different programs listed. Find the program that you would like to register for (or you are eligible for) and click the Begin Registration button.


3. Read the restrictions and click continue

The resulting page will display restrictions for this program, indicating that only adults can register their children of a certain age or grade, or that the program is only open to adults. Click continue to move to the next page.


4. If you have an account, sign in. If not, create an account

On the sign in page, you'll need to login with your email address and personal password. If you've registered on this organization's site before you probably have an account. If you aren't sure, click "forgot," enter your email and a password reset email will be sent to you. If you are a new user, click Create Account, enter your email and then click the button to continue. An email will be sent to you where you can establish a password. Once created, return to the website and enter your email and that password in the sign in field to continue.


5. Enter the Guardian's or Adult's information and click submit.

We first need to collect information about the parent or guardian if this is a registration for a youth player. If this is an adult registration, this will say "Participant Information" at the top of the page. Once all of the information has been filled in, click submit at the bottom of the page.


6. Enter the player's information and click submit.

If this is a youth registration, you can enter the player's information here after entering the adult information on the prior pages. If this is an adult registration program, this page will be skipped. Click submit at the bottom of this page to continue.

IMPORTANT! See settings about your phone numbers:


7. Complete the Supplemental Form questions and click submit.

This page is made up of custom questions that your organization would like to collect data for. Complete all of the required fields and click submit at the bottom of the page to continue.


8. And, finally make payment to complete or register another player.

If you have multiple players to register you can click Register Another, register all members and then pay for all at once. If you only have a single registration to complete, click Pay Now to pay electronically.

9. If you experience a problem during registration or have a question, please contact a Board Member or the webmaster  .