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Rip It Lacrosse Summer Programs

Practice & Tournament Schedule

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 Boy's Overnight Camp 

Boy's Day Camp

Register for Camp June 28-30th

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High School & Youth Clinics


If you experience any issues with the registration  contact Sue Houle  suehoule@sbcglobal.net or team questions contact at dcorc@comcast.net

Reasons to Consider Rip-It Lacrosse 

* Our mission is simple: Develop individual players to their fullest potential in a fun and competitive environment.

* Since 2003, the RIP-IT Lacrosse Program has used proven coaching techniques to develop players using up-tempo drills designed for players to get a maximum amount of touches in a small field setting.

* Our coaching staff is constant all year round* Our training sessions develop individual and team skills which incorporate the box-lacrosse methods of tight skill drills and games.

*We get to know our players' strengths, weakness and what they should be working on to develop them into the BEST High School and/or College player possible.