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La Jolla, CA
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La Jolla Lacrosse Club offers comprehensive player development for kids in grades K-8. We provide high-level coaching in a fun and positive environment. Whether your player is brand new to the sport, or a seasoned veteran, our program offers excellent individual skill development as well as top-notch team play. Our long term goal is to develop players who love the sport of lacrosse and send them off, well prepared, to contribute to their high school programs. With the exception of the Lacrosse 101 program for boys, our players compete in countywide leagues - San Diego Youth Lacrosse Association (SDYLA) for boys and San Diego Girls Lacrosse Association (SDGLA) for girls. These leagues run game play throughout the spring across the county.




MS Boys (5th-8th)


We typically field two teams in each age group (5th/6th & 7th/8th) and organize players by skill. Each team has its own dedicated coach. All teams will practice twice a week. Games will be played primarily on Saturdays throughout the spring. There will be an occasional Sunday game, and later in the spring some weekday games. Our home field is Torrey Pines Elementary School. Each team will have the opportunity to make the playoffs, which are held in mid-May.


Coaches expect players in this age group to come to practice excited to play, motivated to learn and willing to work hard. In the 7th/8th division the coaches are preparing the kids for high school practice and play situations. There is a lot of encouragement and team work on the field as the kids continue to grow and improve throughout the season.


Grom (3rd & 4th) & PeeWee (K-2nd) Boys


These programs are perfect for new and returning players who want to improve their skills and begin to understand team play. Each team has a dedicated coach and will practice once (PeeWee) or twice (Grom) a week. The teams will play in the SDYLA league against teams from other communities. Games will be on Saturdays, usually in the late afternoon.


Lacrosse 101 (K-4)


This program was established with a two-fold purpose: low-key introduction to lacrosse for new players and a way to keep a stick in the hands of players who love the sport but cannot make weekday practice. Every Sunday from 11-12:30 players will meet and spend the first part of the session working on stick skills. Halfway through the session the players will be split into teams to play mini-games so they can put their new skills to use in a game setting. These players will not be participating in SDYLA league play.


MS Girls (5th-8th)


The MS girls’ teams are divided by player age and skill level. All levels are focused on player development with instruction on basic skills, position-specific coaching, offensive and defensive strategies and running plays. This developmental program prepares each player for advancement to their age-appropriate or skill level, with the ultimate goal of a smooth transition to the high school program. New and returning players are welcome.


All teams practice twice a week with games on Saturdays or Sundays, with the possibility of an occasional weekday game. Home games are played at Torrey Pines Elementary School and away games are played throughout the county.


ES Girls (K-4th)


The focus for the elementary school girls’ program is to teach and improve the girls’ basic skills, their positioning and understanding of the rules of the game, the value of teamwork, and applying game strategies. This is a developmental program that allows players to progress at each team level, with the ultimate goal of preparing players for more competitive play in our middle school program. Players learn in a fun and positive environment.  New and returning players welcome.


All teams practice twice a week with games on Saturdays or Sundays. Home games are played at Torrey Pines Elementary School and away games are played throughout the county.