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2018 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Haddonfield Little League holds an open genernal meeting on the first Monday of each month. The time and location of the meetings change from time to time. The business of the league is discussed and agreed upon by the Board of Directors. Only members of the Board of Directors may make motions and vote at meetings of the Board of Directors. The meetings are open to all the membership of HLL.

SECTION 7.2      
Position 2016 Bylaw Term
President Darren DiMedio 7.2 2 year term
Executive Vice President Rich Morris 7.2 2 year term
Treasurer Gary Narducci 7.2 2 year term
Secretary Chris Esposito 7.2 2 year term
Sponsor Fundraising Chairman Liz Barrett 7.2 1 year
League Administration Chairman Paul Ravelli 7.2 1 year
Facilities & Supplies Chairman Jeff Johnson 7.2 1 year
Baseball Operations Darren DiMedio 7.2 2 year term
Player Development Tom Grooket 7.2 2 year term
Safety Officer Jamie Rowe 6.6 2 year term
Player Agent Doug Shirley 6.7 1 year
League Information Officer Ed Dietz 6.8 1 year
SECTION 6.9 Additional Board of Directors Positions      
Position 2016    
(a)        Umpire Director Jack Powers    
(b)        Director – Building and Grounds Gary Narducci    
(c)        Maintenance Director – Fields Bill O'Dennis    
(d)       Concessions Director

Greg Esemplare

(e)        Schedules Director Ed Dietz    
(f)        Babe Ruth Division Vice President Mike Malady    
(g)        Majors Vice President John Shea    
(h)       Black Minors Vice President Ed Foley    
(i)         Red Minors Vice President Rob Grega    
(j)        White Minors Vice President Jessica Keenan    
(k)       T-Shirts Vice President Steve Kopp    
(l)         T-Ball Vice President Chris Esposito    
(m)       Equipment Director Glenn Esgro    
(n)        Special Events/Trophies/Schedule Book Director Darren DiMedio    
(o)       Tournament Director Chris Heslin    
(p)       Fall Ball Major League Vice President Josh Samartino    
(q)       Fall Ball Minor League Vice President Josh Samartino    
(r)        Fall Ball Coach Pitch Vice President Josh Samartino    
(s)       At-Large Director Steve Gostovich    
(t)       HLL Scholarship Director Darren DiMedio    
(u)       BOE/Borough Relations Director Darren DiMedio/Mike Malady    
 (v) Parade Coordinator  Open    
At Large Board Members