AYLL - Antioch Baseball and Softball - serving our community since 1954 - over 60 years. We are a non-profit volunteer organization supporting boys and girls ages 5 and up living in Lake County Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and neighboring communities.


Programs - Info:

AYLL has two main programs (Baseball & Softball) available for boys and girls living in Antioch and the neighboring communities.

Each program offers additional division’s (In House, All Stars, Travel) based on a players age.


AYLL offers in an In-House introduction to baseball with our Shetland Tee Ball division for Boys & Girls.

Player’s age as of September 1, 2018

  • Girls & Boys Tee Ball (Shetland) (ages 5 and 6)


For Boys, AYLL offers baseball in an In-House, All Stars, and Travel division.

The following is a list of the Boy’s baseball team divisions:

Player’s age as of April 30, 2018

  • Boys Baseball (Pinto) Minors (ages 7-8)
  • Boys Baseball  (Mustang) (ages 9-10)
  • Boys Baseball  (Bronco) (ages 11-12)
  • Boys Baseball (Pony) (ages 13-14)


For Girls, AYLL offers softball for both In-House and All Stars.

The following is a list of the Girls’ softball team divisions:

Player’s age as of December 31, 2017

  • Girls Softball (8U) (ages 7-8)
  • Girls Softball  (10U) (ages 9-10)
  • Girls Softball  (12U) (ages 11-12)
  • Girls Softball (14U) (ages 13-14)


All Stars:

Towards the end of each Spring Season AYLL typically sponsors multiple All Star teams (Boys & Girls) in specific divisions and age groups. These teams hold open tryouts and players that are selected get the opportunity to play in area tournaments representing the AYLL organization.

Players are selected based upon their playing ability and eligibility.  Participation in open tryouts does not guarantee a position on the All Star team.  Managers reserve the right to conduct a private tryout by invitation only for a player unable to attend the open tryout.

Players are evaluated on fielding, throwing, catching, hitting, and running. Players interested in being a pitcher and/or a catcher will have these skills evaluated as well. Player attitude, focus, and hustle will be considered in the selection process. Input from a prior year manager/coach may be considered in the selection process.

Playing time is not always equal and your child may not play the same position(s) he/she played or will play during the In-House Spring Season. Parents need to discuss these possibilities with your child before tryouts to ensure that you and your child do not experience disappointment over playing time and/or position.

Players that are selected for the All-Star Teams are usually posted on the league website.


Each season AYLL fields highly competitive travel teams at multiple age groups in both baseball and softball. These teams host open tryouts in late August or early September for the following season. These teams play in tournaments and/or leagues in and around the Lake County area, and in some cases, out of state tournaments. The goal of the travel program is to provide players the opportunity to improve and advance their skills by facing other talented teams in the area.

Age eligibility for 2018 Travel is as follows: 

BASEBALL:  May 1, 2018 (the player cannot be older than the age of the team he is trying out for prior to May 1, 2018).