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Hello Everyone,    

We would like to invite you to some very informal clinics at the Clark YMCA in Winchendon.  The Clark YMCA has taken a old Hockey Rink and added Field turf to the surface.  The field size is smaller than a typical out door LAX field but we can get a lot of throwing and catching done, run some drills and even scrimmage amongst our selves.  
Mapquest has the YMCA about 25 minutes from Leominster. 

The Address is 
155 Central Street
Winchendon MA.

These Clinics are optional, they in no way, will affect your playing time or team considerations during our 2018 season.  We just wanted to give the kids that wanted to run around, practice some shooting and get out of the house, this is the opportunity to do that. 

There is no need to pre-register for these clinics

Session 1: U15 Girls Practice ONLY     9-11AM Saturday Feb. 10th      
Session 2:  ALL BOYS      


6-8PM Sunday Feb 25th

Session 3: U15  Girls ONLY     5:30-7:30PM March 2      
Session 4:                
Session 5:            
Session 6:                
Session 7:                
Session 8:                
Session 9:            
Session 10:                
Session 11                



Please feel free to invite players from other programs if they are interested as this is open to all. 


We would love to see kids trying lacrosse for the first time, as this is a cheap easy way for them to build confidence.

Full Equipment is required for insurance reasons.

thank you
your BOD's