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In the fall, the girls teams practice and scrimmage at River Grove Park.

Directions to River Grove Park – Kingwood, TX

•Proceed to Kingwood Drive and Woodland Hills Drive. 
•Head South on Woodland Hills.
•You will see a large water tower on the right.
•Take the FIRST LEFT past the water tower.  This is Soccer/Lacrosse Road.  Parking without permit available in this area.  Parking lot is approximately 300 yards from lacrosse field.
•If you have a “K” Sticker, or to drop off equipment and players, continue past Soccer/Lacrosse Road and enter park.  Follow road around, past boat launch, and stop at wooden bridge.  Field is located on other side of bridge.  Parking in this area without the proper permit (sticker) will result in towing, strictly enforced. 
•“K” Sticker’s can be purchased at the Kingwood Association office at the front of Kingwood behind Chase bank, 1075 Kingwood Drive, Suite 100, Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.  Residents must provide: 1. Texas Drivers License (TDL) and current vehicle renewal receipt OR 2.  TDL, current vehicle renewal notice and current vehicle insurance.
•No street number provided for River Grove Park.  It is at the Southern most point of woodland Hills Drive.
•See following slide for map of park.
•If you have any problems, call Chris Cooley, 832-623-3535, or Kim Cooley, 832-623-0442.